How to download DLL files for free

While starting up your system or some applications, you would receive error pop-up saying .dll is missing or was not found. Receiving this kind of messages means that the file has been removed or deleted from your computer. To restore and recover the missing DLL file, you can take following steps to get DLL download to your PC.

3 steps to help download DLL free:

  • STEP 1: Download DLL Fixer, install and run the program.
  • STEP 2: Search the file name.
  • STEP 3: Download it for free from the search results.

To make it easier for you to understand, here we take the file acpi.sys as an example.

  • IMAGE 1 - Start your DLL files fixer, click on Download DLL, type acpi.sys and click on Search.
  • IMAGE 2 - You can see there are 4 versions available in the search results. Click acpi.sys to get details.
  • IMAGE 3 - Download your acpi.sys version from the results.

What to do after DLL download?

Once the file is downloaded into your computer, you will need to save it to its default directory (file path / location) to restore the missing file, thus to help fix .dll missing or not found error. As this is the manual operation, you have to re-register / install the DLL files to apply the changes. Here we take acpi.sys as the example again.

  • Save acpi.sys to its default location. As usual, it is C:\Windows\System32\drivers\.
  • Click on your Windows Start, type CMD and press Enter to run cmd.exe.
  • Type regsvr32 acpi.sys and press Enter
  • Restart your computer to apply the changes.

A Better Solution

The above MANUAL operation would damage your system and make it crash. If you insist on doing it, please use the DLL file fixer to back up your Windows Registry first. The registry backup can help you restore your system to its working state.

Here we would like to recommend an AUTOMATIC DLL fixing method for you. For the details, please check How to fix DLL error.