How to fix DLL error

Any problem with DLL file will cause error to your computer. The most common DLL error symptoms are listed here:

  • .dll is missing or was not found error pop-ups.
  • Your system or application can't start up because some DLL is missing from your computer.
  • Blue screen of death BSOD.
  • Application has stopped working.
  • High CPU and Memory usage, and more.

Usually, the system errors can be caused by DLL files with .dll, .exe and .sys file extensions.

  • .dll module error will show missing or not found messages, to fix it, you just need to restore the missing .dll files. You can get the file by using your system setup disc, or download DLL file from the 3-party sites. How to download DLL file for free.
  • .exe application can be easily infected by virus and Trojan, and make your system extremely slow. An antivirus can help resolve .exe issues.
  • .sys driver is supporting your computer device, any damage to it will cause blue screen error. Regular update helps avoid this error.

If you are an experienced PC user, then you can take the above mentioned methods. Otherwise, please take some more easier DLL fix and repair way to help resolve DLL issues.

3 steps to fix DLL error:

  • STEP 1 (IMAGE 1): Download DLL Fixer, install and run the program. Click on menu Overview and click on button Scan to start checking your computer.
  • STEP 2 (IMAGE 2): Wait for the scan to complete.
  • STEP 3 (IMAGE 3): Click on button Repair to fix all DLL errors.