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One may remain oblivious to what is Classpnp sys file all about, and how does it lead to Blue Screen of Death issues on the computer. This '.sys' file are considered as one of the most important files as they help to communicate between devices and drivers. On getting a corrupted sys file, you may wish to know the best solution that can be put into use and remove the fault from the computer. Sometimes, apart from system crashes or BSODs, one may even witness problems like Classpnp sys hangs or driver fail issues while loading Windows 7 or any other version of Windows.

Problems reported by Classpnp sys file are mentioned below:

Start Up Issues on Windows:

A newly installed Windows 7 RC may show an error on boot. The start-up screen may freeze down at the time of boot when in Safe Mode. The issue may also happen when on trying to perform boot using a DVD. The error code may not stop to show up even after installing the Updates in the machine. A similar issue may take place on two different laptops namely, HP dc5100 and HP Dx2250 running on Windows 7. It may show an error denoting a corruption with Classpnp sys file at the time of startup. At this point, a startup repair tool and boot via DVD will still not be able to fix the problem. The laptop may often freeze down due to the sys file error.

The Windows 7 Home Edition 64 bits OS installed computer may sometime remain slow. It may take a long time to start and most of the time end up with errors. The issue may repeatedly take place at the time start up. At this point, one may think of installing a free fixer from an online website, but that too may offer no solution from such faults. Errors like these often take place when the Classpnp sys system file goes missing or is found to be corrupted.

Sometimes, the computer may keep on crashing at the time of startup, due to a Blue Screen of Death issue. The Windows 7 installed system may show the event with bug check string KERNEL MODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED and bug check code may display as, 0x1000008e. Next, soon after upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 OS, an error may take place while booting. The Asus Eee PC 1005HA laptop may show the error due to a faulty Classpnp sys file and it may not be able to boot at all. The startup screen may simply remain stagnant for a while.

While trying to boot the laptop using DVD, an error may all of a sudden come up on the screen. During boot, the computer may show the splash screen and then all of a sudden freeze down. The error behind this may have been caused by a corrupted Classpnp sys system file. A similar boot issue may take place on another version of Windows systems too. Well, after rebooting the computer multiple number of times, it may begin to crash. It may denote a string of blue screen faults on the screen. After setting the data storage technique RAID, the computer may just keep on crashing on startup. When on looking into the issue, the Classpnp sys file will claim to be as corrupted.

While running videos of different resolutions, the Windows 7 32 bits laptop may freeze down occasionally. At the time of performing a boot, the computer may consume a long time. The laptop may simply remain stagnant on the splash screen and will deny to proceed to the desktop screen. The prime '.sys' file to be causing this error would be a Classpnp sys. In most cases, the ntoskrnl.exe file may crash and end up with a blue screen fault. This crash may happen when the system is run on Safe Mode. Apart from this, a Stop Code 0x74 and bug check string BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO may appear on the screen. Running Chkdsk utility may also not be able to solve this issue.

In another situation, after adjusting the BIOS settings and making further changes in the optical drive, an error may often show up. At this moment, the PC may freeze down on startup. However, after sometime when it may begin to proceed gradually, the system would run fine. Then again the same issue may show up on installing any application on the system. It may happen while installing Adobe Photoshop, Skype, Google Chrome or any game application on it. Such issue perhaps take place if any corrupted file resides on the system.


The Windows 7 OS installed laptop may at time crash with a Blue Screen of Death fault at the time of starting up. The laptop may fail to load the Classpnp sys file and the screen may simply turn blue. The bug check string may display a PROCESS1 INITIALIZATION FAILED error, along with a bug check code 0x06b. Next, while playing a video game, the computer may freeze down and crashes immediately. It may also show a BSOD on it. Besides this, a bug check code 0x6b, along with a bug check string PROCESS1 INITIALIZATION FAILED may appear on the display screen. DirectX and Classpnp sys both may show as corrupted and responsible for causing this fatal error.

Windows 7 OS installed laptop may crash on a Blue Screen of Death at the time of startup. The laptop may fail to load Classpnp sys file and the screen may simply be non-responsive. The bug check string may show a PROCESS1 INITIALIZATION FAILED error with a bug check code 0x06b on the screen. The same issue may occur on another Windows 7 soon after installing few system mechanic utilities. Again, a corrupted file associated with Classpnp sys driver may show up on the system.

Safe Mode Issues:

After installing the Updates for EVGA GEFORCE GTX660TI 2GB PCIE on the computer, it may simply stop to carry out the booting process in Safe Mode. The bug check code may display a DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL error, along with a bug check code is 0xd1. Apart from this, after using the MISPBO Registry Cleaner 3.0 in the computer, the system may unfortunately end up with a severe crash.

A Samsung SSD EVO 850 laptop running on Windows 7 32 bits OS may take a long time to boot and most of the time, it may fail as well. This error may occur precisely due to a corrupted Classpnp sys file present on the system. Errors as such are common and can affect the system anytime.

Overcoming 'Classpnp sys' faults:

To fix Classpnp sys errors, download Classpnp.sys fixer removal tool on the system today. The tool will help to remove all the said errors that are mentioned above in this article. For example, it is capable of repairing slow boot issues or reboot error loop caused due to Classpnp sys file error. The computer system will automatically begin to perform better once the corrupted system files are removed from it successfully.