ComputerDefaults.exe download

What is ComputerDefaults.exe?

  • Description: Microsoft TTS Engine Common
  • Version: 2.0.4319.0
  • Size (Bytes): 47616
  • Release Time: 7/13/2009 5:13:52 PM
  • Location / File Path: C:\Windows\System32\ winsxs\wow64_microsoft-windows-mulanttsvoicecommon_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_48330de9affd2c5d\
  • Similar Files: CompositeBus.sys, comrepl.dll, comcat.dll and comctl32.dll

Instructions on ComputerDefaults.exe HOW TO:

Means of fixing corrupted computerdefaults exe

Computerdefaults exe file is indispensable for updating web browsers like Internet Explorer. Even while trying to set the startup programs, it is hindered. After performing Windows 10 Update the system often generates error messages, and faulty reports. Faulty computerdefaults exe download in Windows 7 results in manifold issues as the ones listed here.

Trying to access set programs

On trying to access the startup programs on Windows 7 64 bits PC, %windir%\system32/ComputerDefaults exe error message appears. The work around with error message to generate a default email client is an issue.

To eradicate the performance and system failure you may try to run the system file checker utility tool. This tool is developed by Microsoft and it at first identifies the faulty module, then replaces it with a proper file from the system registry.

Issues after Windows Update

After updating the operating system of the system to Windows 10, an error notification appears and it claims that Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 is preventing Windows from forwarding the scanned document as an attachment to an email. In the error log, the faulty module is identified as computerdefaults exe and the error code is 0x1a.

Carry out a repair process of Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 by the following means

Open the Control Panel of the system

Then click on programs and features

Find Microsoft Office 2016 in the list and then highlight it

Select the quick repair option

Follow the onscreen instructions to carry out the repairing process

Sending link by email issues

On trying to send links via email in Internet Explorer web browser, it does not work. The send link by email is also worked on before upgrading the operating system to Windows 10. Internet Explorer of version 11.125 is installed in the Windows 10 64 bits machine. Trying to use this feature by using the option send this page by email in the Internet Explorer is greyed out.

Follow the steps of troubleshooting as mentioned:-

Navigate to the Control Panel, under the Apps and Features

You shall be able to find the option of Internet Explorer.

Select the disable add in option to eradicate this problem.

Internet Explorer issue

On the Windows 7 laptop, the web browsing application Internet Explorer is getting deleted and Google Chrome is taking its place instead. In the event log, the corrupted file is identified as computerdefaults exe.

Adhere to the steps and check if the option for Internet Explorer is hiding in the programs tab in the Control Panel:-

Open the Windows all programs and accessories then you shall be able to find Internet Explorer in the list

To make Internet Explorer your default browser follow the steps as mentioned:-

Start as an administrator. In the command prompt enter the filename computerdefaults exe.

Choose the custom option, then select Internet Explorer

Select the option for making Internet Explorer as your default browser

You might also uncheck the option for Google Chrome. As you might be annoyed with the existence if dual web browsers in the system.

Windows 10 Update issue

On updating the Windows 10 operating system to version 1709 and build 16299.19, an error message stating sending link by email does not open comes up while sending an email using Internet Explorer web browser. Prior to this update, Internet Explorer 11 could be opened, and any website could be browsed and from under the file menu, the option for sending the link by an email could be accessed as well. Then Microsoft Outlook window opened with the link already attached with the mail. After the update however, on clicking on the sending the link via email option does not work.

Run Internet Explorer in compatibility mode to resolve the issue.

Internet Explorer installation error

Internet Explorer 11 web browser cannot be installed. On completing the Internet Explorer 11 installation, the icon does not appear. On searching for the file, it is viewed in the programs list. Besides this setup cannot continue because a more recent version of Internet Explorer being installed in the PC notification is also seen. In the event log, the corrupted module is seen to be computerdefaults exe.

To eradicate this error you may try to install Internet Explorer by creating ISO installation media.

Windows Live Mail issue

The Internet Explorer was recently upgraded to the 11th version. This has caused a problem with Windows Live Mail. On uninstalling Internet Explorer, selecting the uninstall feature, the reinstallation process is hindered. On trying to reinstall an error message indicating Ordinal 139 could not be located in the dynamic link library appeared. Even on trying to reinstall Internet Explorer 11, the process is getting hindered on the Windows 7 64 bits system.

Follow the steps to re-register Internet Explorer

Bring up the elevated command prompt. Type in computerdefaults exe in the command prompt search window.

In the custom window select the Internet Explorer option and choose the option for registering it.

Windows 10 Fall Update issues

After performing Windows 10 Fall Update, the Lenovo system does not allow Microsoft Office Outlook to send a file to the mail recipient. On right clicking on the file that is to be sent, nothing occurs, instead Microsoft Office Outlook minimizes into the desktop icon in the Windows 10 system. Before performing the upgrade however, in Windows 10 version 1703 this feature could be accessed. In the error log, the faulty file is identified as computerdefaults exe.

Possibly this issue is occurring due to compatibility issues with Internet Explorer settings.

Follow the steps to reset Internet Explorer

Press the Windows key and R, to type in intecpl.cpl in the search. Press enter

Click on the advanced tab

Click on the reset option

Select the Delete personal settings check box, if you would like to delete the browsing history.

In the reset Internet Explorer settings dialogue box click on the reset option

When Internet Explorer finishes restoring the settings, click on the close option.

This shall certainly resolve the issue.

Resetting Internet Explorer might reset the security settings or the privacy settings that you have already added to the list of trusted sites. It might also reset the Parental Control settings. You are recommended to make a note of these sites before you reset Internet Explorer.

All the issues mentioned in this article, like the issues that crop up after Windows 10 update, the problems with Internet Explorer and several other applications arise as well. As an ultimate solution to these problems you may try out these manual means of troubleshooting as described.