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At times, the essential system files may go wrong and are the real cause behind all issues on the computer or laptop running on Windows. Here is a short article based on the consequences of KernelBase dll file not found or when it becomes corrupted. While using the system, Microsoft Office Excel can crash and pop KernelBase dll errors, or IE crash may report with an Event ID 1000. Some of the related issues based on what problems can occur if KernelBase dll.mui is missing on the system are mentioned below. The following article will deal with all possible problems that prompt error messages relevant to KernelBase dll files on Windows systems.

How does corrupt KernelBase dll files affect Windows 7 systems?

On a Windows 7 system, sometimes a variety of programs can stop working and showcase the faulting module to be KernelBase dll. This happens with the apps and programs which require the DLL file to function. One such example would be MDataTools.exe. Problems with KernelBase dll can also lead to APPCRASH while attempting to open a program. This problem has been reported by a multitude of individuals with Corel VideoStudio, on their Windows 7 systems.

Windows 7 Home edition may often show up corrupted KernelBase dll file causing APPCRASH issues. The problem, has been sighted with apps like Microsoft fixit, Zune, Windows Update, and Microsoft troubleshooter and many more. Such an issue may start after a Guest account is created on the system. After upgrading the system from Windows XP to Windows 7, system issues can cause Adobe Photoshop CC to crash unexpectedly. The particular version of Microsoft Office may erupt an issue while trying to work on any image file. An error message blaming a faulty KernelBase dll may repeatedly appear on the screen.

The 'Stops to work' errors on Toshiba Qosmio F750 laptops running on Windows 7 while trying to run some of the inbuilt apps can also be caused by corrupted KernelBase dll files. Generally, APPCRASH problems occur while trying to open programs like Toshiba Bulletin Board, Toshiba Blu-Ray Disc Player, Toshiba Real-time, and so on. In some cases, problems like application crash on Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Word or while playing the game named JERICHO may cause a lot of faults due to missing or corrupted KernelBase dll. Issues like these are very common on Windows 7 32 bits systems.

While accessing online mailing services like Outlook and Hotmail, Internet Explorer may denote issues resulting in APPCRASH faults on Windows 7 PC. KernelBase dll may show up as the faulting module name behind the error. Next, GTA 4 and few other games may stop to work on Windows 7 PC right after installing Microsoft Security Essentials onto the system. Each time the game is accessed, it will result in a crash within seconds and give an error message. The reason behind the nuisance could be a faulty KernelBase dll file.

How a faulty KernelBase dll file can hamper Windows 8.1 systems?

Windows 8.1 PC faces problems regarding explorer.exe crashing. This issue is related to fault in KernelBase dll file. While running ArcGIS 10.4 on the PC, a stop working error message may show up on screen. Soon after which the application would result in severe crashes with a KernelBase dll faulting module and refesh.exe faulting application on the screen.

Application error with File Explorer on Windows 8.1 PC seems to be quite common. Attempting to open File Explorer may result in unnecessary system freezing issues. The Event Viewer may report an application error to be associated with KernelBase dll file. Microsoft Office Outlook on Office version 365 may constantly crash after adding a Microsoft Exchange mail account. The system that has been facing such problems is a Windows 8.1 Pro laptop, which has been receiving a stop working application error most of the time. The prime reason behind this could be a faulting module named, MSPST32.dll or KernelBase dll file.

Next, Internet Explorer 11 may even fail to open on Windows 8.1 device after installing the latest Updates for the browser. The problem may persist on the system for long, and it may denote a KernelBase dll as the faulting module leading to such erroneous state on the system. Sometimes while browsing the system, Windows encounters an APPCRASH with Windows Explorer. 50% of the times, the problem is associated with KernelBase.dll download, but ntdll.dll is responsible for the other half.

How corrupt KernelBase dll files can slug down Windows 10 systems?

After installing Windows 10 over Windows 8.1, some pre-existing problems with Windows Live Mail had become more severe. The program started producing a not working error message and Event Viewer indicated a problem with KernelBase dll causing HxMail.exe to crash repeatedly on the system. Similarly, the corrupt file may affect other programs too. The OneDrive application for Windows 10 may constantly crash after a large folder of about 3 GB is deleted from it. The Event Viewer may generate a faulting module associated with the problem to be KernelBase dll.

After upgrading the system to Windows 10, the explorer.exe file may continuously denote errors. When on trying to research on this, the KernelBase dll file seems to be the faulting module behind the error. One may even notice that OneDrive or any other application on the system may keep on crashing without any apparent reason. However, the Event Viewer may state the above system file with the faulting module. Apart from this, the mmc.exe file may also be one of the files to erupt such issues on the system.

Next, a Windows 10 Operating system based Dell laptop is face innumerable problems while activating Artlantis Studio 6. Whenever, the license manager is run to activate the licensing for the software, it may result in a crash. This may take place mainly due to a KernelBase dll system file error. A similar fault may hamper the smooth flow of work on the computer system. It may so happen that after updating to the latest builds on Windows 10 Insider Preview, some faults may start to occurr with Skype and Microsoft Office Outlook. The former may indicate issues with module mshtml.dll and Outlook may suffer issues particularly due to corrupt KernelBase dll files.

How to Deal with These Issues?

In attempts to fix all these problems, users might want to check random websites for feasible solutions, but most of them will not work at all. Some websites might refer the user to download KernelBase.dll, but there is a lot to take into account like the suitable version and compatibility factors. Also, corrupted KernelBase dll files which caused an access violation issue in Windows 8.1 might prove to be unrepairable to regular users. In this regard, it is best to use a KernelBase.dll fixer to handle all the above issues automatically without any hassle.