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About the MpClient dll:

Computers can run accurately with the help of multiple dll files and the module MpClient dll can also play an important role. This is actually a Client Interface from Microsoft Corporation and MpClient dll is belonging from Windows Defender program. Apart from that, the module can also cause problems in many applications, and some of the features may not run as well, if the specific file goes misplaced or corrupted in the system registry. In general, 'mpclient dll is missing from your computer,' 'MpClient dll was not found' and such error messages may appear on the PC screen. Some major complications associated with the file over different Operating systems, have been described in this article.

Windows Vista related errors:

The installed Windows Defender and MacAfee Internet Security both cannot run on Windows Vista for damaged MpClient dll and msascui.exe files. The Windows Defender even fails to take update and gives an 8007051A error code. The Windows Defender program hangs and crashes repeatedly. Both MPCommandRun.exe and MpClient dll corrupted modules cause the program such trouble in the computer. Even Internet Explorer 8 fails to install Microsoft Security Essential stating the MpClient dll file could not be located in the dynamic link library of the machine.

After start-up, odbc32.dll corrupt message appears and certain applications no longer work in the machine. Some program stops to gain entry in the Windows Vista operating system for the msascui.exe bad image during start up. Apart from that, the file MpClient dll gets damaged in the Windows and program installation problem arises in the machine. Also, applications fail to get initialized in Windows Vista for damaged msascui.exe file. The system gives 0xc0000142 error code on the PC screen during the initialization trouble.

Windows XP related errors:

The Microsoft Security Essential fails to start in the Windows XP by stating MpClient dll fails to be found. Along with that, msseces.exe file also stops responding in the machine. During updating the specific program, 0x8007064C code pops up on the PC screen and the update closes automatically. Same thing in Windows XP with Service Pack 3, the Microsoft Security Essential doesn't work. During re-installation of the same application, the computer gives 0x8004FF52 error code. On the other hand, during un-installing the program, 0x8007064C error code also appears on the PC screen. Even when the Microsoft Security Essential gets out of date, it fails to get updated for the low speed of Internet Explorer 8. Apart from that, the file MpClient dll missing error also emerges on the computer.

The AVG 2013 antivirus fails to get un-installed properly. Apart from that, the Microsoft Security Essential also stops running in the system along with missing MpClient dll and 0x8007064c error code. Even the Microsoft Security Essential fails to get un-installed from the Windows XP operating system. During uninstallation, the MpClient dll fails to locate in the dll library message comes up on the PC screen

Windows 7 related errors:

The Microsoft Security Essential program fails to run and get updated in Windows 7. For missing MpClient dll file, the difficulty arises. It stops responding with the MpClient dll not found error message. Also at times full system scan by the Microsoft Security Essential heats the CPU in Windows 7 64 bits Hp630 laptop. The PC automatically turns off when the CPU heat reaches to 90 degrees. Even the Microsoft Security Essential program fails to get un-installed. All related modules of the program MpAsDesc.dll, MpClient dll, MpCommu.dll, MpSvc.dll and MsMpEng.exe fail to get deleted from the Action Centre and the un-installation fails to get accomplished. The system also generates 0x8007064A error code during un-installing the Microsoft Security Essential.

Since upgrading the Service Pack 2 in the Windows 7 operating system a trouble arises during restart. The file MpClient dll missing error message comes up on the PC screen during restart and the system stops responding accurately. In Windows 7 64 bits, the Windows Defender fails to get loaded while restarting the computer. The program fails to load during restart, along with an MpClient dll file missing error. At times, some games and Microsoft Office Word fail to respond in the middle of running in the Windows 7 operating system. The SFC/Scannow detects MpClient dll, isdel.exe, ipnathlp.dll.mui, ntfs.sys, DWrite.dll corrupted files, but fails to repair these damaged modules. Also, some of the major application fails to get installed in the Windows 7 operating system. Continuously, both logoufi.exe and eapphost32.dll modules Bad Image message appear and the installation process closes.

After recovering a ransomware attack, the SFC/Scannow and the Windows Defender start working slowly in Windows 7. Apart from that, the internal CD/DVD burning function also ceases in the machine for corrupted MpClient dll file. Even Blue Screen of Death event constantly erupts in the Windows 7 operating system. The BSOD event arises for faulty MpClient dll and MsMpEng.exe modules along with the 0x51023a8b stop code. Also, the fatal code C0000022 appears on the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 operating screen during update 348 of 84901. After completing the update, the Windows Restore fails to return to the previous store and the system starts running very slowly.

Windows 8 related errors:

The Windows Defender fails to get accessed in the Windows 8.1 stating MpClient dll fails to locate to the dynamic link library.

Windows 10 related errors:

The Windows Defender fails to turn on in the newly updated Windows 10. Apart from that, the installed Microsoft Security Essential fails to get un-installed from the similar Windows 10 due to some file missing trouble. In another case, after installing Creator Update in the Windows 10, Offline Windows Defender no longer works. The program stops responding along with both OfflinescannerShell.exe and MpClient dll file missing error. At the time of scanning the Windows 10 by using the Windows Defender, the program freezes unexpectedly. The specific program fails to get closed as well.

While copying files from local storage to OneDrive, the Windows File Explorer keeps crashing in Windows 10. The trouble arises for corrupted explorer.exe and msvcrt.dll files in the system. Even just after un-installing a program, the setting application crashes unexpectedly mostly for the damaged kernel32.dll file, the setting application crashes in the machine. Even Disk clean-up fails to get rid of all Windows old history files of Surface 3 from the upgraded Windows 10 operating system. Some old .sys files remains in the new operating system and the machine starts running slowly.

A suitable and permanent recovery:

All these above described issues such as MpClient dll is missing and additional mpclient dll troubles in Windows 7 and other versions of Windows operating system need to get eliminated soon. An advanced and reputed removal process can easily wipe out all these complications permanently from the PC. So, it is very much important to download MpClient.dll fixer error repair tool to resolve all these earlier mentioned glitches from every computer, for the betterment of the system.