NETFXSBS10.exe download

What is NETFXSBS10.exe?

  • Description: Canon Device Dependent Informations for Scanner Library
  • Version: 6.1.7600.16385
  • Size (Bytes): 40960
  • Release Time: 7/13/2009 10:35:52 PM
  • Location / File Path: C:\Windows\System32\ winsxs\msil_microsoft.powershel..nsolehost.resources_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_en-us_5ba257327f563d34\
  • Similar Files: msoert2.dll, netr7364.sys, axinstsv.dll, repdrvfs.dll, netr28ux.sys, NlsData0026.dll, Microsoft.MediaCenter.dll and Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.Utility.Resources.dll

Instructions on NETFXSBS10.exe HOW TO:

Learn how to remove NETFXSBS10 exe

The NETFXSBS10 exe is a process file commonly recognized as Microsoft.NET Installation Hook. It is linked with Microsoft .NET Framework developed by Microsoft Corporation. The location of NETFXSBS10 exe is in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\NETFXSBS10 exe. The file support some dll files along with some programs such as Blade of Darkness, BlackBerry8520 and Panda Cloud Antivirus. Read this article to know more about this file.

Windows Explorer in Windows 7 keeps crashing:

Windows Explorer keeps crashing on Windows 7 randomly. This happens after a Windows update was installed. Suddenly, the Explorer shuts down and again comes back. This issue may occur due to the corrupted NETFXSBS10 exe file.

To solve the problem you have to run the computer in Safe Mode.

Issues come after updating Windows 8.1:

After updating Windows 8.1 Professional, you may encounter different problems. The problems are included internet connectivity problem, Microsoft Security Updates is frequently failed, speaker service is stopped, Event Viewer and Logs are all unavailable, Adobe Acrobat Reader is no longer worked, the printer is not existing and it is not discovered when you try to add a Printer or troubleshoot. Several services are stopped. This issue may happen due to the corrupted NETFXSBS10 exe file.

You can update or install an anti-malware from an authentic source.

Windows Explorer crashes after resizing:

You may have a problem with Windows Explorer on Windows 10. Each time you open a Window in Windows Explorer, it opens up in full screen. When you resize or restore it, the Window resizes into a very small Window. This issue may take place due to the NETFXSBS10 exe file.

You can solve this issue by following the steps. At first, close all open File Explorer Windows. Then, open File Explorer. After that, press Windows key with the left key to make the Window size grow. Next, click View and turn off preview pane and set the view to do details list.

Explorer crashes when you try to open documents:

You may get a message when you go to Website and click on pdf to open documents. A problem is caused due to this, the program is stopped to work appropriately. Suddenly Windows Explorer crashes. This issue may occur due to the NETFXSBS10 exe file.

It is recommended you to do a clean boot to check if the issue is caused by a software conflict that happens when you installed a program or an update.

Issues on Windows 10:

Every time when you open Windows Explorer on Windows 10, all icons of others programs on desktop become reset. The NETFXSBS10 exe file may responsible for this issue.

You have to update the operating system to solve this issue.

File Explorer is unusable:

When you are looking through any folders either in C drive or either of the external drives, it will keep auto-refreshing. The second issue is that you may suddenly get an error message that states that some notifications items cannot be shown. This issue may occur due to the corrupted NETFXSBS10 exe file.

It appears that there is a software conflict within the device. It is advised you to do a clean boot.

Windows 8.1 problem:

After upgrading to Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, an issue arises. Windows Explorer appears to be dysfunctional right now. When you are in the file browser, right-click the program, the program crashes and restarts. The same thing also happens when you attempt to make a new folder in the file browser. This issue may happen due to the damaged NETFXSBS10 exe file.

To solve this issue, you can run chkdsk. Along with this, you can also run the command sfc/scannow.

Issues on Windows 7:

The machine is running on Windows 7 Professional. It is recently having an issue with Windows Explorer. When you click on Explorer icon on the taskbar, it opens in another place on the taskbar, not on its place and its opening new Windows in each click. This issue may take place due to the infected NETFXSBS10 exe file.

To solve this issue, you can re-activate user account control. User account control is a Windows security measure that stops damaging programs from making changes to the system. Many users turn this off to get rid of the error message when you attempt to execute some files. Attempt to re-enable User Account Control by typing User Account Control on the start menu and press Enter.

Windows Explorer is not responding:

When you open file explorer and then right-click on any files or folders, it causes the file explorer to freeze on Windows 8. It becomes unresponsive. This issue may occur due to the faulty NETFXSBS10 exe file.

Keep the computer in a clean boot and check for the issue status.

You may also see a more different error that is caused by the mentioned file. Other than the above methods you can download NETFXSBS10 exe from an authentic source to get rid of the problems.