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Different errors may occur on a computer system. The errors may sometime be fatal, that means, if the error occurs while using an application, that particular program may close down immediately. The WindowsCodecs dll is one such DLL file that can cause a lot of complications to take place on the system, if it is account to be corrupt. The file can go missing or can get corrupted easily. Mostly, the DLL file causes a lot of problems on different applications developed by Microsoft. A third party software applications can even get affected if the DLL begins to interrupt it.

The DLL file WindowsCodecs dll is responsible for Bad Image errors. The fault may happen on Windows 7 when WindowsCodecs dll is missing. Numerous computer programs experience unnecessary WindowsCodecs dll errors on it from time to time. Even some security software may fail to run when such errors occur on any PC. Many times a 'WindowsCodecs dll was not found' error may take place as the file may go missing from the 'C Drive.' The troubleshooting methods do not fix the difficulties. The complexities may even increase if the errors are not repaired from its roots. A detailed report of the issues have been discussed below.

Different issues with WindowsCodecs dll file which may appear on Windows based systems:

Errors on Windows XP

The application Microsoft Office Picture Manager or Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 may sometime fail to open because of an unexpected WindowsCodecs dll file error. The trouble is mostly seen on the system running on Windows XP. Similarly, Windows Imaging Component may even fail to get installed on Windows XP Service Pack 2. It is certainly required for the installation of .NET Framework 4.0. The WindowsCodecs dll file which is present in the system may not seem to be compatible with WIM. Thus, the installation issue may take place every time.

A computer with Windows XP may fail to start successfully. Often, a 6x7 blank square may appear on the screen and the screen may not appear in full size. This could happen due to a DLL error existing on the system. Well, a DLL file check when run on the system will notify that an unnecessary mshtml.dll file may not be working correctly. When on loading the system, it will denote a DllRegisterServer Entry point not found issue.

Next, few programs like Internet Explorer 8 or any game application when downloaded on a Windows XP may all of a sudden stop to work after the PC is rebooted. The application may not initialize correctly, and it will show an error code 0xc000005 or 0x800106ba on the screen. Such issues are common and can only be sorted using an appropriate solution.

Errors on Windows Vista

An Acer laptop that has Windows Vista installed on it can give 'Bad Image' error messages due to erroneous WindowsCodecs dll files present on it. Such issues may mostly occur when the laptop is woken up from hibernating mode. Another problem that may arise on the computer may be related to the Windows Media Player application which may often fail to open from time to time. In such cases, the WindowsCodecs dll error is said to be responsible for the above application failure. This problem is commonly seen on Windows Vista Service Pack 2 based systems.

'WMV' format files that are saved on a PC having Windows Vista Home Basic running on it, may sometime fail to run on Windows Media Player. One may have noted that there were no such issues witnessed earlier, but the application had been showing up faults one after the other. The issue must be taking place only with this particular format but not with others. The support information for WMP informs that an unexpected WindowsCodecs dll file was associated with the existing complication. In cases like these, sometimes the audio files stored in the library may fail to play correctly till the end. It may get stuck or simply play only half fail and erupt an annoying file corrupt error on the screen.

Designing software like TurboCAD Professional v12, and graphics based program Paint.Net when installed on Windows Vista system may cause a lot of difficulty in functioning correctly. They may often denote a corrupt or missing module. WindowsCodecs dll file not found message may interrupt the system screen a number of times. One may decide to install the updates for the both the applications but, even after doing so it may be of no help. After the update is installed, the programs may still experience drastic errors. One will see that whenever one tries to proceed with the application, it will end up in an unexpected crash. This could be happening due to the WindowsCodecs dll file is detected to be infected on the system.

Errors on Windows 7

When the computer is shutdown during configuration of Windows 7, and the Operating System is restarted, an unnecessary error may erupt on the system. After the configuration is completed, the logon screen may turn out blank and unresponsive in nature. Such incidents may take place because of a missing WindowsCodecs dll file on the device.

Errors on Windows 8

Windows 8 Explorer may crash repeatedly from time to time. The Event Viewer may offer a detailed report, and denote NInput.dll file and MediaIconsOverlays.dll files as corrupted. Restart the computer also may seem to be of no help. Another common issue that may affect Windows 8 systems is, while running any application the system may simply conk out. Outlook 2003 may always result in unexpected crashes. Such crashes may occur when Microsoft Outlook profile is tried to be created using an email account. The application crash here is clearly associated with corrupt WindowsCodecs dll files.

Errors on Windows 10

There are a line of issues that can take place on Windows 10 based systems. After a recent upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Operating system, an unexpected problem can be seen on Microsoft Office 2016 program. The latest change made in Microsoft Office Word Document may not get saved on the system. The application may not have any trouble while accessing the files prior to the upgrade. In other circumstances, the upgrade would prevent Windows Explorer from opening at all. The Event Viewer would denote the WindowsCodecs dll file as corrupted and be causing the issue.

Similarly, an HP printer software may at times stop running after installing update KB3132372 or any other latest Updates on it. Many users may come to a point where they would want to uninstall the update so as to fix the fault, but what if that particular Update is an essential one for your computer. What can be done in such a situation? Well, there is no need to skip important Updates, and all such issues can be easily sorted using the apt fixing tool.

The easiest way to resolve the issues:

The problems that are discussed above are related to WindowsCodecs dll file. The WindowsCodecs dll file is either not designed to run on Windows Operating Systems or WindowsCodecs dll file is missing are WindowsCodecs dll error messages that mostly appear on Windows 7. This grave error may also be seen on other Operating Systems as well. Various methods that can solve such faults from occurring on the system are counseled well on the internet, but those steps may not serve to much helpful.

Download a genuine download WindowsCodecs.dll fixer and resolve all issues related to WindowsCodecs dll error in just a nick of time! The software must be downloaded and installed from an authentic website. This repair tool will ensure that it is not like those freeware applications that promise to solve the problem but actually does nothing.