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What is audit.exe?

  • Description: Identity Store
  • Version: 6.1.7600.16385
  • Size (Bytes): 45056
  • Release Time: 7/13/2009 4:36:57 PM
  • Location / File Path: C:\Windows\System32\ winsxs\wow64_microsoft-windows-security-identitystore_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_a80db2b3efe7af3c\
  • Similar Files: audiosrv.dll, auditpol.exe, avrt.dll and autofmt.exe

Instructions on audit.exe HOW TO:

How to repair audit exe?

The audit exe is a part of the system32 folder of the Windows operating system. This file can help the operating system in running smoothly. The issues in this file can lead to several problems. With the help of this article, you can try easily fix audit exe file:

Booting error:

Each time you try to start your Windows 7 Professional PC, an error, a message would pop up. The message would notify, the operating system is preparing itself to start for the first time. After this notification comes up, the machine would freeze for a few seconds and then, reboot itself. Later on, the PC would load the operating system normally. This would happen, whenever you try to start the machine.

Prior to fixing the problem, try booting the PC in Safe Mode and check if the error pops up. If not, you can try to resolve the error by applying a system restore point created before the problem started. This can be done with the help of System Restore utility located in the Accessories. However, if the booting error is repeated in Safe Mode, you might be required to reinstall the Windows operating system. This is a lengthy process and would remove all your personal data from the system. So, before moving on with it, try to create a backup of the system. This will protect you from the problem of data loss.

Unresponsive Command Prompt:

On your Windows 7 Enterprise PC, each time you try to launch the command prompt, an error message would surface up. The message would point out, Windows failed to launch the command due to unknown reasons. You might face the same error message when you try to run the elevated command prompt. The problem might start unexpectedly, with no software or hardware changes being made in the machine.

To fix this problem, you can try to perform the in-place upgrade on the machine. To do that, close all the running applications and insert the Windows 7 installation disc. Now, wait for the setup page to load up. On the setup page, select the Install Now option. This will launch an installation guide, which can help you in successfully completing the in-place upgrade. Follow the instructions and complete the task. Later on, after the in-place upgrade is completed, reboot the PC.

Restart loop:

On your brand new Asus laptop with Windows 10 operating system, an error message would pop up on startup. The message would point out, the installation of Windows failed as the critical files failed to load. When you press the Ok button, on the bottom of error dialog box, the PC would try to restart itself. On the next reboot, however, the same error message is repeated.

To fix the problem, you might be required to run the startup repair. To run the repair, you will need the help of Windows installation media. If this fails to fix the error, resetting your laptop to factory settings might help. To do that, restart your laptop while pressing the F11 button repeatedly. This will load the Windows recovery environment. Follow the instructions, and completed the process of factory reset. Ideally, after the reset, your device might be able to boot successfully.

Windows Explorer crashing:

Your Windows Vista Home Basic PC might face the problem of Windows Explorer crashing. In such cases, the stopped working error message would appear. According to problem signature, StackHash_fa09 was probably responsible for the crash. The problem might start after you have installed the Service Pack update. A diagnostic tool might point out, several system files like audit exe, ntdll.dll, etc. were corrupted.

This error can come up after due to the outdated drivers present in the machine. To get rid of the problem, download the updates for the driver from the manufacturer website. After the updates are installed successfully, restart the PC.

Not genuine error:

In some cases, you might have factory reset your HP Pavilion laptop. After the reset, when you try to start the PC, a not genuine error message would pop. The error code for the issues could be 0x80070005. According to MGAdiag report, the copy of the operating system was not genuine. In addition to it, the files like WgaTray.exe, watux.exe, and audit exe were a mismatch. The operating system of your PC could be Windows 7 Professional.

To solve the error, try downloading a Microsoft FixIt solution created specifically for this error. You can make the download from the official web page of the manufacturer. If this error is not resolved even after running the tool, try activating the operating system with the help of slui.exe. Launch this tool, and enter the product key on it. Later on, press OK button and wait for the Windows to get activated. After the operating system has been successfully activated, ideally the not genuine error message would disappear.

Bad image error:

During startup, on your Windows Vista PC, a bad image error message associated with audit exe might pop up. The message would point out, Windows failed to load the ole32.dll as it was either incompatible with it or was corrupted. This error might start after you have updated the operating system.

To solve the problem, scan the PC with the help of ChkDsk command. You can either run this command from the elevated command prompt or from the Windows Recovery Environment. If this does not solve the problem, download the ole32.dll file from a trusted source and register the file from the command prompt. In some cases, scanning the PC with the help of System File Checker tool might also help.

System freezing:

While running a multimedia file, your Windows 7 Ultimate PC might freeze at random occasions. The problem would start after you have installed a new plug-in for the Windows Media Player. According to the reports of a diagnostic tool, several critical files were corrupted. Few of them were, audit exe, services.exe, etc.

Sometimes, corrupted or outdated audio card drivers installed on the machine could lead to this type of issues. To check if this is the case here, open the Device Manager. If you are able to find issues with the driver, uninstall or update them accordingly. If this does not solve the problem, update the operating system with the help of Windows update utility. In some cases, scanning the PC with the help of CHkDsk tool might also help.

The issues in audit exe on your Windows 7 PC, can be easily solved with the assistance of this article.