battc.sys download

What is battc.sys?

  • Description: Netio Unattend Generic Command
  • Version: 6.1.7600.16385
  • Size (Bytes): 180736
  • Release Time: 7/13/2009 4:55:16 PM
  • Location / File Path: C:\Windows\System32\ winsxs\wow64_microsoft-windows-tcpip_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_c7cf31d5dd6b735a\
  • Similar Files: batt.dll, bcdboot.exe, batt.dll and AcRes.dll

Instructions on battc.sys HOW TO:

Find out acute solutions of each and every battc sys issues

Being a regular computer user, you must have the idea that, system files are major components, which help to run all Windows machines smoothly. System files are the only connectors between hardware and software of every Windows device. Alike other .sys file, the battc sys also helps to act as an efficient connector. But sometimes, either for internal fault or external attacks, the battc sys missing or corrupt fault may arise and causes the battc sys BSOD or blue screen problems on Windows Vista and rests versions of Windows operating system. Apart from that, such damaged battc sys file can also corrupt cmbatt.sys and other files as well. In this regard, the below mentioned article will be very much relevant for you.

File missing problem:

0xc0000098 error code may get displayed on the Windows Vista Home Edition computer suddenly. At the time of working on the respective machine, you may come across the prior mentioned error number. Apart from that, an error message may also get displayed during the similar time. That displayed message may state, the battc sys is not found on the system registry. Therefore, the device may fail to perform properly on the respective computer.

To deal with this problem, you can take help from the system Startup Repair procedure. This method will help to get rid of the file not found problem easily.

BSOD during browsing:

At the time of browsing the Internet Explorer, you may face a blue screen of death problem. All of a sudden, the computer screen color may change to blue and the system may go to the not responding mode for a long time. During the same time, a Bad_Pool_Error message and a 0x000000c2 stop code may also come up on the respective Windows device. When you access the attached minidump error log of the problem, the battc sys may appear as the prime corrupted device.

This issue can get eliminated after applying an acute Windows mandate solution. In this case, by updating all device drivers of the respective Windows PC manually, you will be able to wipe out such fatal issue.

Fatal problem to play video game:

The Page_Fault_In_Non_Paged_Area message and 0x0000050 stop code may get displayed on the Windows 7 Essential laptop. When you try to play the Walking Dead video game on the respective computer, you may come across a BSOD event. At the time of the fatal problem, both of these prior mentioned message and stop code may crop up on the specific Windows computer. At the time of accessing the minidump file analyzer, the file battc sys and CLASSPNP.sys both files may come up the major components of the annoying problem.

You have to wipe out this problem from your Windows machine as soon as possible. To do so, you need to run the Clean Boot procedure in normal mode. This method will help to wipe out the fatal problem effortlessly.

Setting internet connection fails:

A blue screen of death issue may occur on the Windows 8 computer. At the time of setting the internet connection in the respective computer, such fatal problem may arise. Unexpectedly, the computer screen color may change to blue and the system may stop responding and finally it crashes. A 0xD1 stop code may get displayed followed by the BSOD event on your Windows system. In fact, you may come to know about both corrupted battc sys and tcpip.sys drives, in the minidump file analyzer of the prior mentioned error.

By running the chkdsk c:/f command line, you will be able to fix the fatal problem from your computer. After ending the procedure, you need to restart the respective device to get better result.

PC shuts down unexpectedly:

A strange issue may arise on the Windows 7 Home Premium computer. Every time, when you try to restart the respective device, you may come across an unexpected problem. The computer may shut down on its own on every attempt to restart the PC. At the same time a message may also crop up on the respective computer. According to the particular message, the battc sys is not responding on the system registry. As a result, you may fail to restart the device anymore. This problem may arise on your computer, just after changing from the 32 bits to the 64 bits on the system registry.

The issue has to be eradicated from the device within the stipulated time, by applying an effective elimination procedure. In this case, the removal procedure is applying the Automatic Repair tool. It will help to prevent the issue without creating any additional problem.

File configuration problem:

Just after upgrading the operating system version from the Windows 8 to the Windows 10 computer, you may face a problem. At the time of starting up the upgraded operating system, it may freeze for sometimes. In fact, at that time, an error message may also come up within a dialogue box. That message may state, the battc sys and win32.dll are not configured on the registry. Therefore, the log-in procedure may consume a long time to get completed smoothly.

The below mentioned manual method will help to fix the same. Just restart the PC and hit F8 key to access the Repair Your Computer tab. Then, you need to click on the Windows Advanced option. Finally, you need to locate and hit The Last Known Good Configuration option to proceed the elimination method effortlessly.

System crashes after hibernation:

At the time of resuming the Windows XP from hibernation mode, you may face an error. Every time, during that time, the system may crash on its own. Therefore, you may not be able to work properly on the respective device. When you access the Event Viewer details report, the file battc sys and ntdll.dll may come up as the prime corrupted components.

This problem can get removed from the respective computer, after performing the System Restore manual procedure within the stipulated time.

What is your plan to eradicate all these problems? If you think through battc sys download from unauthorized websites to Windows XP, Windows 7 and other versions of operating system procedure will help you out from all these, then you are wrong. It has been come to know that, such downloaded unknown files and fixers will create additional problem on the system, in spite of removing existing issues. So, it is advised to you that, just apply these before explained Windows mandate safe and error free manual procedures and keep your Windows machine free from such issues in future.