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What is browseui.dll?

  • Description: NET System Frame work
  • Version: 8.0.50727.4927
  • Size (Bytes): 89416
  • Release Time: 7/25/2009 7:16:00 PM
  • Location / File Path: C:\Windows\System32\ winsxs\wow64_microsoft-windows-n..xcorecomp.resources_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_zh-cn_c952bcb6c7841230\
  • Similar Files: browser.dll, BrSerWdm.sys, bootstr.dll and bitsprx2.dll

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Find out the smartest ways to fix browseui dll errors

You often may come across error associated with browseui dll file while using the PC running with Windows. When this file browseui dll gets damaged by virus, you may get prevented to use the system smoothly. Similarly, whenever you attempt to run any application like Hijackthis, on Windows XP SP2, there comes browseui dll was not found error message. Sometimes, it can be seen that due to the corruption of this browseui dll file, there comes high cpu usage error and the system behaves in an abnormally slow manner. After getting such errors, you may try to find out the location of browseui dll or try to download a new file. But you do not need to do so, if you follow this article. This article will give you a perfect knowledge about this file associated errors. So continue to read this article.

Unable to open Windows Explorer

Windows XP is a popular operating system. It is a widely used operating system due to its accessibility. But, what if when you have to face error, while using Windows XP or it refuses to work. Yes, at the time of opening Windows Explorer, it shows an error message. It denotes as explorer.exe is unable to locate browseui dll file. After that the system goes blank.

This browseui dll is a component that holds functions and resources for browser UI management. When you are left with a blank screen, then you need open the task manager and restart the explorer.exe. Apart from this, you can run a System File Checker tool. It will help to repair the corrupted system files by replacing a new one. It also helps to download a new file according to the compatibility of the system.

Software installation error

This issue takes place on a Surface Pro which is running with Windows 8.1. Whenever trying to install any application from Windows Store, there comes an error message. The error message reads as something has happened and the application cannot be installed. After that there appears the error code 0x80110437. Error logs shows browseui dll file is main culprit behind this error and this file is compulsory to complete the installation process.

To fix this issue, you can perform a clean boot process. If the issue happens due to any third party software, then clean boot process will take a vital part. It will help to eliminate the third party software conflict from the PC.

Microsoft Office application error

When you have to face error regarding Microsoft Office applications, it becomes an annoying factor. You cannot deny the need of Microsoft Office software suite. It is needed in every phases - right from the education to any official works or business purposes. In other words, it is a useful software in all the ways. On a Windows Vista 64 bits operating system, Microsoft Office 2007 is installed. On trying to open any Word document, it crashes immediately and ends with an error message. The error message reads as Microsoft Office Word has stopped functioning due to the error in browseui dll file. Maybe the file gets corrupted by any malicious Trojan attack.

For solving this error, you should run Windows app troubleshooter. If the troubleshooter discovers any issues, it will be listed in the result with additional instructions that you may need to track. Or else, you can run uninstall and reinstall the application from the add/remove option of Control Panel.

Incapable of running any game

Next, issue happens while playing any game. After installing Windows 10 Technical Preview, you may encounter an error. You may see, whenever you attempt to play any installed PC game, there comes an error window. In error window, it says unable to play the game because browseui dll file is missing from the system. It also indicates about to install the latest version of DirectX. Accordingly after installing the latest versions, the same error still appears. That means installing the latest version of DirectX does not help to resolve this issue.

Therefore, as a suitable solution you have to install the updates for the video card driver. If that process does not help, then you can try to uninstall and reinstall the game.

Issue with Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 9 is installed on a Windows XP Professional computing device. Suppose you have this operating system. It performs well, but the issue is with Internet Explorer browser application. You may see at the time of opening Internet Explorer, it crashes. As soon as try to click on the icon of Internet Explorer, there comes an error message, stating as it is impossible to run this browser because there is browseui dll file error.

To get rid of this issue, you can try updating Internet Explorer and then try to use it. If that process does not help you properly, then you can go for another solution method which is to reset Internet Explorer.

Update installation error

As you try to keep updated yourself, your system also needs to be up to date. But what will you do when you have to face error, while installing update for the system. On a Windows 8.1 operating system, while installing some security updates, there occurs an error. You may see at the time of the installation process, an error message comes up. It denotes as the update process cannot be completed because the required file browseui dll is missing from the PC. To complete the update process, this missing file is required.

In such case, you have to check the compatibility of the updates. If there is compatibility issue, then you have to install it according to the compatibility of the system. Apart from this, you need to check the memory space. If there is not enough memory space, then you have to make some free space by clearing out all the junk and temp files.

You can choose this method

After reading the entire article, it can be said that if you follow all the above mentioned methods, it will be helping for you in all the ways. So you can go for those without any second thought.