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What is dxgi.dll?

  • Description: JP Japanese Keyboard Layout for IBM 5576-002 003
  • Version: 7.5.7600.16385
  • Size (Bytes): 69120
  • Release Time: 7/13/2009 5:10:59 PM
  • Location / File Path: C:\Windows\System32\ winsxs\wow64_microsoft-windows-i..odbcloggingbinaries_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_819eea0aa1e0a91e\
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Instructions on dxgi.dll HOW TO:

The dxgi dll file primarily remains associated with Microsoft Windows Vista Promotional Pack. Another way of referring to the file is as DirectX Graphics infrastructure, which qualifies as an integral part of Microsoft Windows Operating System. The version which is currently in use is 6.3.9600.17041. Problems specifically related to the file could result in varied symptoms including frequent shutdowns, installation issues, delayed PC performance and occasional program lock-ups. The launch phase of applications like Skyrim, Titanfall, Sweetfx and GTA V strictly gets restricted due to a fault caused by an access violation issue or when the dxgi dll file is not found at its precise path.

'Access Violation' Error Message May Appear Frequently

Due to some or the other errors, certain gaming applications may crash every now and then at the time of launching. An error code may display a 0xc0000005 error code, and this fault is usually triggered due to an access violation issue. Many users have claimed of not being able to play 'Aion: Omens of Ice' on their computer system. An error message highlights stating that an access violation issue has occurred while attempting to read from the memory location as 00000000. Well, this is a common scenario when issues as such take place on the system.

Unexpected Update errors

In most cases, users will notice that an Anniversary Update for Windows 10 when performed will end up with video driver issues. The system will notify that the device keeps suffering from frequent crashes. Also, the screen may appear to turn totally blank, plus the screen brightness will reduce down too. Another issue was seen after performing a security update. Windows Mail repeatedly kept on crashing during the launch phase of the application. Only when the Cumulative Security Update was uninstalled, the application was able to function properly all over again.

When an Update was installed on Windows 8.1, it was seen that it became difficult for many to launch most of the gaming applications using DirectX. Similar applications continued to crash and displayed faulty visuals in red and blue. Program like Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was also experiencing the same issues. Many times, one will witness that at the time of the starting up phase of any application, the system may fail to respond correctly. One such example is while trying to launch Lync 2013. The program may repeatedly experience inadvertent crashes on the system. One will see that certain forms of Windows Updates may fail to function smooth.

Next, on attempting to change the desktop settings, Explorer would repeatedly experience sudden unexpected crashes. After the last Windows update was performed, the desktop background used to cause numerous issues one after the other. Also, the images would keep on changing every time even if the settings were not set that way. This even seemed to affect the web browser. No sooner when an Update KB2888505 for Internet Explorer 9 was run, the application would simply crash on certain pages. Only after uninstalling the KB2888505 patch, does Internet Explorer 9 began to work in a correct way again.

On a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits PC installed with latest available updates, two different applications running on the system would often crash on a repeated number of times. QuickBooks Pro 2011 and Ketarin are the two programs which undergo frequent crashes. One may think that the System File Checker would sort out the issue, but it is not that easy. The SFC scan tool may detect the error but may fail to solve it successfully.

After downloading the necessary Update, a series of error messages may keep on getting highlighted on the HP laptop loaded with a genuine version of Windows 8. The error status may denote 0xc000012f fault at regular intervals. One may see that after every single Update is performed, the Maleficent Free Fall gaming application may repeatedly keep crashing on the system. This sort of an error keeps occurring after installing specific application updates.

When Internet Explorer 9 was updated to Internet Explorer 10, the browser used to show up unnecessary crashes. The Exception Code would highlight a c0000005 code on the system. It has also been seen that after the installation of Update KB2670838 on a server, the application would fail to launch in the expected way. The launch process would get thwarted due to the DXGI_ERROR_NOT_CURRENTLY_AVAILABLE error which would take place unknowingly.

'File not been designed' error pops up

After the deletion of Windows Live application from the system, an error message may display dxgi dll file to be corrupted in the System32 folder, or must have not been designed to run on Windows. Due to this reason, one will fail to work on the system.

Next, the launch phase of Movie Maker may continue to get obstructed by an error specifically related to the d3d10_1.dll file. An error dialog box may denote an issue stating that the file has not been designed to run on Windows or that it may contain some fault. The same issue may happen to hamper while trying to launch Microsoft Word, Access and Excel programs. Each time the user tries to launch after the completion of the installation process of Office 365 Home, an unexpected error message will show up on the screen stating dxgi dll file as not designed to run on Windows.

Various errors that take place on the system are specifically related to different files in the Dynamic Link Library. Aero features fail to run in the expected way on a computer. The faulty message refers a dxgi dll file which has not been designed in the system to be causing an error on Windows. The same error may take place when on trying to switch on the PC, the PC may repeatedly display errors and fail to run.

Manage Errors Flawlessly!

The best way to fix errors relating to corrupted dxgi dll files and thereby causing createdxgifactory1 function to trigger an Access Violation issue on a Windows XP PC is to find a download dxgi.dll fixer error repair tool. Contrary to the free tools available for download, a paid version of the same would qualify to be a far superior choice than anything else.