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Receiving any file error on the PC is very common. Many computer users have been facing issues on the system relating to explore.exe system files. If explorer exe gets corrupted by any virus, then systems like Windows 7 or other OS may show explorer exe application crashing issues and messages like explorer exe server execution failed, or explorer exe class is not registered, and explorer exe system call failed faults on the screen. The write-up mentioned below will provide a detailed information in regard to this system file issue.

System File Missing Issues:

The computer running on Windows XP OS may encounter an error message while opening the Task Manager. The error message may state that the system has failed to start the program. The fault on the system may take place due to certain missing components. In this cases, the iertutil.dll file goes out of way, and for this reason, the PC shows up an explorer exe error. Next, while trying to access the system drive on Windows 7 OS, an error message may show up on the system's screen. The error message on the device may flash an explorer exe file fault. Soon after which the program may denote that it fails to run at all. A missing ATL100.dll file may show up as the prime cause of this error.

While trying to start the computer running on Windows XP, the system may show an error message unexpectedly. It may denote an explorer exe error and even denote that the Normaliz.dll file is missing on the PC. The same error may show up while attempting to check the running processes in Task Manager. Soon, the system will show state a file named, explorer exe going missing from the system. Well, this could have triggered due to a corruption with the explorer exe file.

Next, after receiving a blue screen on a Windows 10 based computer system, it may fail to start successfully. While attempting to restart the device, the explorer exe system file may create a problem to load correctly. All of a sudden, an error message may show up on the monitor, which will denote that explorer exe file is missing from the system. The issue may not be sorted out successfully, even after running the SFC tool on the PC. A similar issue may occur on a Lenovo laptop running on a Windows 10 Professional 64 bits system. The device may encounter an error associated with explorer exe. While trying to open certain folders in Windows Explorer, the explorer exe file may seem to go missing, and due to which the folders may not open at a go.

System File Crashes:

Computers running on Windows 10 OS have been experiencing explorer exe crash errors every now and then. Faults like this may happen when the system performs a line of tasks at the same time, like after opening a folder, one may open a file within a folder, and again create another folder. After installing the update KB4013429 of Windows 10, explorer exe no longer works. It crashes and restarts randomly while right clicking on a file. Next, while attempting to access any file in Windows 10, File Explorer may crash immediately on the system. The Event Viewer log may show a kernelbase.dll faulty module and explorer exe as the erroneous application existing on the system.

A series of problems related to ASUS G55V laptop may show up while installing Windows 10. The machine may seem to work fine initially but soon it will show up errors one after the other. An explorer exe file may end up with severe crashes. The system may denote a faulting module named, windows.storage.dll to be the prime reason for erupting this error. Soon after upgrading the system from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, the particular PC may encounter too many errors. While working on it, an explorer executive file called explorer exe may crash unknowingly. An unhandled exception error may also display on the screen.

On a Windows Server 2012, explorer exe may crash frequently. The Event Viewer may display an erroneous explorer exe file to be the prime cause behind the error. Apart from this, it would also show a faulty module named nvui.dll on the screen. Next, after upgrading the system to Windows 10 from Windows 7, the system would often experience an issue while accessing any file in Explorer. Every time while double clicking to open a folder or click any folder on the left window, suddenly the explorer exe may unexpectedly crash, and the Event Viewer may denote a faulty module ntdll.dll on the screen.

Windows 10 Technical Preview installed on a machine may fail to work fine at the first installation. But, while restarting the system, it may no longer allow to perform any action on the system. The system may respond fine until the login screen, but soon after which it may stop to respond at all. Often, it would end up with an annoying system file crash. In the same way, the issue may affect a Windows Vista computer too. Windows File Explorer may crash on the system without any reason. The fault may appear while accessing video folders or files on portable USB drives. Event Viewer log may show libavcodec.dll as the faulting module responsible for this error.

explorer exe may randomly crash while working on a Windows 8 computing device. This issue may occur whenever on trying to play any game application on it. According to the Event Viewer log, 'explorer exe' had been causing the fault on the system.

Start Up Errors:

At the time of starting up the PC that runs on Windows 8 OS, an 'explorer exe' error may appear on the screen. The error may come up on each attempt while starting up the PC. Sometimes, the system may show a black screen only with the mouse pointer on it, and apart from this the system may just remain unresponsive in nature. Well, a similar startup issue may occur on a computer running on Windows 7 64 bits OS. The system may display an error associated with explorer exe. The computing device may crash on every startup. The Event Viewer may show a SHELL32.dll as the fault module and explorer exe as the damaged application on the computer. Problems like these usually happen due to a corruption with the DLL file.

An Asus UX32VD laptop that runs on a Windows 10 Operating system may show a lot of faults at the time of restarting it. Windows Explorer may often crash as soon as the system displays the desktop screen. An error message frequently stated an explorer exe application initialization error on the system screen. Well, another Windows 10 system too showed up a similar fault. The specific system used to run a Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10576, on which Windows Explore would randomly show errors. While clicking on any shortcut, Windows Explorer would result in a crash and then would reload. It dropped an error in the Event Log, which described explorer exe as the faulty application and ntdll.dll as the faulty module existing on the system.

Here comes the solution for all errors:

After reading the entire context of this write-up, it is understandable that all problems happen due to some or the other corruption pertaining to explorer exe file. In this case, one needs to try to find out how to eliminate explorer exe file location issues to avoid an 'Unknown Hard Error.' With the help of a proper download explorer.exe fixer file repair tool, one can easily sort out all issues at once.