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'.SYS' files are system files. These are the device drivers. There can be many problems if any of the device drivers become corrupted or if these are not found on the system. The hdaudbus sys driver is the high definition audio controller.

This is one of those critical drivers that can cause many programs to malfunction. The hdaudbus sys driver can cause unexpected BSOD on any Windows Operating System. Often, BSODs on Windows 8 is caused by hdaudbus sys driver files. The hdaudbus sys driver causes high DPC latency on various Windows Operating Systems. Some issues that may happen because of the hdaudbus sys driver are discussed below.

Various complications pertaining to corrupt hdaudbus sys driver:

Computer refuses to Start-Up correctly

Computers with Windows 7 may freeze once in a while at the time of starting up. The hdaudbus sys file is one of those files that may fail to get loaded correctly at the time of startup. For this reason, one will not be able to start the system successfully. The same issue can take place on another system too. After converting the Solid-state Drive from Master Boot Record to GUID Partition Table, one will see that the Windows 7 system will not boot at all. Even when the system runs on Safe Mode, the computer will continue to cause a line of errors and prevent from starting up.

The Windows 7 system may get stuck in a restart loop. When the boot is carried out and it is just about to finish, the mouse pointer may show up. Soon after the computer would again bounce back and restart on its own. The issue may continue to take place even if the system is tried to run on Safe Mode. The error may not stop even if one tries to perform a System Restore. Sometimes, one may witness a lot of other faults associated to the above. While accessing Windows XP PC, the system may take too long to boot up. The display screen with the loading bar may show that the system is loading, but it will take even more than five minutes to complete the action. There could be a possibility that one of the drivers may lag, and due to which the startup may take a long time. The driver file that may be at fault could be 'hdaudbus sys.'

A Lenovo laptop that has Windows 7 Professional may often come across unexpected BSODs. After the BSOD, the computer may refuse to start normally. Not only this, it may refuse to start even in Safe Mode too. A similar system file fault may occur on another version of Windows. The normal boot up process may halt all of a sudden on a Windows 10 Insider Preview based system. The Operating System may fail to load at every attempt. The startup and shutdown, both the procedures may take a long time. The crash log may show an hdaudbus sys driver file to be one of the reasons behind slow PC issues.

Apart from the above a kernel data in-page error may thwart the computer running with Windows 8 at the time of startup. When the computer is restarted, it shows a Blue Screen of Death on the screen. This particular complication had started only after Windows 8 was reinstalled on the system. Well, BSODs at the time of startup is a common scenario which is seen while using gaming apps on laptops. An hdaudbus sys driver is listed under the DMP file as the main culprit behind the issue.

Audio Driver Issue:

After installing Windows 7 Professional on the computer, an error may keep on occurring from time to time. The computer may frequently shutdown. The crash may be caused by an audio driver called, 'hdaudbus sys.' Well, updating the driver, however would still not resolve the error. Next, after upgrading a system to Windows 10, an unusual issue may come up. A blank screen may come up after the Windows splash screen. Some drivers may refuse to load properly at the time of boot, and the reason behind this would be the same audio driver file named, hdaudbus sys.

If the audio driver hdaudbus sys is not correctly installed on the system, then it is certainly going to cause a lot of errors. A system that has Windows 7 Professional may fail to start the USB Digital to Analogue Converter. Not only this, the audio driver file may affect a freshly installed machine as well. A system installed with Windows 8.1 OS may come across annoying BSODs after the installation of the graphics card and audio drivers on it. The damaged hdaudbus sys audio driver may lead to terrible Blue Screen of Death evens on the system. Due to this reason, the computer may fail to run at all.

When Winamp is tried to be used on the Windows Vista computer, an unnecessary error code 88780078 may appear. The error may occur soon after an automatic Update is installed on the system. The driver file hdaudbus sys may be missing from the system and due to this reason the above error code may show up. On the other hand, downloading the same file may still not fetch a proper solution. There have been cases where game apps may fail to operate successfully. Games like, Tribes: Ascend and Team Fortress 2 may completely fail to run on steam. One may have installed the latest version of DirectX on the system, yet encounter such errors. The hdaudbus sys file may surely be a reason for this error.

High CPU Issue

DPC Latency can be pretty high on a computer loaded with Windows 8.1. The cursor may keep on flickering when the CPU usage may go as far as 50% or more. The audio files may show some minor problems too. The hdaudbus sys and dxgkrnl.sys files may seem to be the ones causing the issue and using up excessive CPU memory. Next, prior to the installation of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the system may run smooth, but soon after the Update, the computer may begin to face multiple complications on it. The audio files may tend to give out some stuttering sounds and unavoidable noise. The DPC Latency shows that some processes may be consuming a high amount of CPU usage. The system will claim hdaudbus sys file to be a prime reason for triggering such faults.

In most cases, one will see that when some game applications are tried to run on a Windows 10 system, the computer will begin to output a poor sound quality. This issue may take place even if the application is of a higher quality. The sound glitches may keep on rising even if you adjust the volume settings. The DPC Latency checker will state a high CPU consumption issue, and claim the audio driver hdaudbus sys as the culprit for this error.

Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death events may appear repeated number of times on a Windows 7 based computer. At this point, even if one runs the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, it may show no errors present on the system. On the other hand, frequent crashes may keep on taking place on the screen from time to time while accessing any online game. One may have facade numerous issues on the system while playing an online game called, Elder Scrolls Online. Users may mistakenly assume this to be a network issue but it is not so. In another situation, consequent Blue Screen errors can be observed on a Dell PC that has Windows 7 Professional installed on it. Volsnap.sys and Classpnp.sys files may have gone corrupted on the computing system and thus invite the above issues on it.

Remove Corrupt Driver File Complications:

There are multiple issues that can come up because of an infected hdaudbus sys driver. Slow startup or shutdown issues can be seen on Windows XP due to corrupted hdaudbus sys driver files. It might seem to be an easy task to just download a suitable hdaudbus sys driver so that the problems can be erased from the system, but at times, the above issues may still continue to reside on the computer. Also, downloading the system file from an unknown source may lead to huge threats.

Some websites inform users to install a Windows Update to remove the hdaudbus sys related errors, but the hdaudbus sys file however, may still cause Blue Screen of Death faults on the system. The only way to get rid of such nasty issues connected to audio drivers is to invest in a premium repair tool. The download hdaudbus.sys fixer fix tool is dedicated in resolving all difficulties that comes up with missing or corrupted hdaudbus sys drivers. Therefore, install the fixer to keep the system safe and secured.