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The PCs or laptops running on Windows OS are prone to receive program issues due to missing or corrupt files. When files like kernel32 dll go missing or show setwaitabletimerex entry point not found or any component location faults, then it will lead to a lot of issues on the system. Sometimes, a file named, 'kernel32 dll' can crash unexpectedly on Microsoft's MSDN platform. Check the problems below and get the right solution to fix the error.

Some of the common kernel32 dll problems are as follows:

Microsoft Office Program Errors:

While trying to install Microsoft Office 2013, an error comes up on the screen. The machine may run on a Windows 7 32 bits OS. While installing, the procedure entry point of K32GetImageFileNameW may not access the location of kernel32 dll file. The error message pertaining to this may flash on the screen. In Windows OS installed computer, while installing Microsoft Office 365, an error message may come up. The message may state that the procedure entry point called 'SetWaitableTimerEx' or 'AddAtomW' not present on the system, plus kernel32 dll file may have also gone missing on it. In some cases, while using Microsoft Office 2007, the application may not start and faulting application named, integratedoffice.exe and fault module streamserver.dll may show up unexpectedly.

On the other hand, while trying to install the Microsoft Office 2013 application in the computer, an error message may take place. The Windows 7 64 bits OS installed machine may denote a K32GetProcessImagefilenameW location issue and that the file kernel32 dll to be causing the error. Next, while trying to install Microsoft Office 2010 in the computer, an error message may appear on the screen. The same file kernel32 dll may seem to be gone corrupted on the system and triggering the issue. The message may denote 'entry point is missing' issue on the computer. The K32GetProcessImageFileNameW may state to be missing from the dynamic link library file.

A Dell XPS studio 16 laptop preinstalled with Windows 7 Pro 32 bits OS may get an error while trying to use Microsoft Office 2007 Pro. Even when on installing the required Updates connected with the application may show an error message on the system. It would denote a procedure entry point cannot be located error with kerbel32.dll file. On the other hand, none of the programs under the Microsoft Office 2010 suite may work on the computer. Each time, it would show an error. The message would state that the procedure entry point K32 GetProcessImageFileNameW cannot be located in the Dynamic Link Library.

Similarly, Microsoft Office 2010 when installed properly in the computer, may still erupt a line of errors. The problem may continue to start when on trying to save a new document using the suite. The message may denote that K32GetProcessImageFileNameW cannot be located and that there is an entry procedure point fault. At times, the message SetD_DirectoryW procedure entry point may show as missing and it may remain to be missing from the Dynamic Link Library. Next, when on trying to use Microsoft Office 2013 program on a laptop running on Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bits, an error message may come up. The message may refer to few i9nfected files from the Dynamic Link Library to be causing the error. The kernel32 dll file seem to be one of them. The error message may also show an entry procedure K32 GetProcessImageFileNameW missing issue on the laptop.

While installing Microsoft Office software suite in the computer, an error message may come up. The computer may state a procedure entry point issue pertaining to QueryUnbiasedInterruptTime and it may denote that a KERNEL32 DLL file is missing from the system. The file may somehow go missing of become corrupted in nature. In another situation, when Microsoft Office OneNote 2013 may fail to install on a computer running on Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bits OS. The PC may already have Microsoft Office 2007 Pro installed on it. On trying to further install the application, a faulty message may show a setwaitabletimerex procedure entry point is missing issue and kernel32 dll location issue on the PC.

Skype Application Issues:

Asus K55VM R500V running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits Service Pack 1 may often get an error. This may happen when on trying to run any application on it. It may affect apps like Skype, Google Chrome, Viber, QQ International Messenger, and few others. The apps may not open at all or simply get terminated on its own after the splash screen appears. It will also show a faulty message and a faulting module named, kernel32 dll to be associated with this error.

The video calling application like, Skype may fail to work on a computer running on Windows 7 32 bits. The message may state that the GetLogicalProcessorInformation procedure entry point is missing from the Dynamic Link Library. This error may occur only after installing the latest Updates of the particular app on the computer. The same issue can take place on another Operating System of Windows. Recently, a Windows XP 32 bits OS installed computer seems to show errors after installing the Updates for the same application. The same error popped up on the screen and prevented the application to proceed further.

Antivirus Software Fails To Work:

On trying to load McAfee antivirus software on the PC, an error may unfortunately occur. This time the issue took place on a Windows XP 32 bits OS. It said that there was an error while trying to install Windows and the setup executable file could not be launched successfully. The message denoted a procedure entry point LoadLibrar9ExA error and an essential file had seem to be missing from the Dynamic Link Library.

Windows Media Player Show Errors:

Windows Media Player version 12 may often fail to start on the system running on Windows 7 64 bits OS. On trying to start the application, a message may show up denoting that the server will not start because the remote call procedure has failed to work successfully. To treat such issues, one needs to look for a proper fixing tool and remove the errors from its roots. The random fixing tools available at free of cost may not be of any help. A similar issue has taken place while using the Windows Media Player 11 application on the system. The moment the app was installed on the computer, several other applications had stopped to respond at all. So, when on attempting to open QuickTime, iTunes or any other program, the same stop to work error message would flash on the screen. The prime issue behind this fault was a corrupted kernel32 dll module on the computer.

In a Windows Vista OS installed computer, the Windows Media Player 11 may simply stop to work after the splash screen shows up. The moment the app is tried to run, it will go as far as the splash screen and then all of a sudden display an error message denoting the program cannot run due to a fault with the kernel32 dll file in the Dynamic Link Library.

The Final Solution:

Computers running on Windows Operating System may come across several issues. When on receiving such errors in the PC, one needs to opt for a proper solution. Download kernel32.dll fixer to get rid of corrupt kernel32 dll createfile or writefile functions easily. Well, this repair software will efficiently work in the PC and optimize it in every way. For removing kernel32 dll errors on Windows Vista 64 bits this one fixer is the best out of all.