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What is mshtml.dll?

  • Description: USB Common Class Generic Parent Driver
  • Version: 3.0.4506.4926
  • Size (Bytes): 116560
  • Release Time: 7/13/2009 6:01:54 PM
  • Location / File Path: C:\Windows\System32\ winsxs\amd64_wcf-smsvchost_b03f5f7f11d50a3a_6.1.7600.16385_none_c7f13af70ac77b22\
  • Similar Files: sxstrace.exe, USBSTOR.sys, win32k.sys, mfc80ENU.dll, msvcr80.dll, netio.sys, mup.sys and msvcirt.dll, serwvdrv.dll

Instructions on mshtml.dll HOW TO:

An mshtml dll file runs on most versions of Internet Explorer web browser and its related programs. It provides a variety of functions for this program. Adding or deleting new Updates or programs can result in mshtml dll faulting module with Event ID 1000 on Windows 7 and other Windows systems as well.

Kinds of problems on Windows which are attributed to mshtml dll file are as follows:

Internet Explorer 7 Issues

An Application Crash error may be received whenever Internet Explorer 7 is closed down. This fault is an inconsistent one and occurs on Windows XP Home Edition regardless of any website that is being loaded. The system may have all the relevant updates installed on it, but this error may still show up on the computer. Next, severe crashes on Internet Explorer 7 browser on a Windows 7 system may appear when it is upgraded to Internet Explorer version 9. Few faulty messages will follow soon afterwards stating that a crucial mshtml dll file error was created by running this particular browser version which was incompatible on Windows 7 system. At this point, downgrading the browser is also not possible as the file may be corrupted.

Internet Explorer 7 web browser on Windows XP Media Centre Service Pack 3 computers may give out this Off Set 000bef10 code. The message may come up while trying to load any social media networking website on the system, but only some parts of the website like settings, auto play media and other links would cause an error. Next, there is this mshtml dll issue that may show up when accessing Yahoo mail, using Internet Explorer 7 browser. The 'inbox' when clicked on results in this error. Soon the application states that it has stopped to work. The message refers to an iexplore.exe file error.

In certain situations, Internet Explorer 7 web browser on Windows XP would start to crash for no apparent reason. The random application crashes occur due to an unknown problem on the iexplor.exe file and mshtml dll module. The files fail to get repaired even when the browser is reset. Next, Internet Explorer 7 installed to Windows XP fails to load games. These are specifically those games that use Flash Player plug-ins on the browser. The browser pages are reloaded, and all the other game components are reinstalled on the system. In spite of this, the system ends up with a crash, denoting that Flash Player has stopped to work.

Internet Explorer 8 Errors

The Internet Explorer 8 web browser on Windows 7 sometimes stops to respond and crashes intermittently. Errors show up on the screen about a fault that has occurred related to mshtml dll file. This can happen even when on installing Updates which are installed onto the computer. The network connections on the system may be at an optimal condition nut even then the above error takes place. On the other hand, installing Updates for Internet Explorer version 8 installed on Windows XP Service Pack 3 leads to numerous issues. The screen becomes blank and the system fails to respond at all.

Internet Explorer 8 installed on Windows Vista crashes frequently with DLL file errors. New files show up on each crash error report. At times, the problems or corruptions on the files cannot be found easily. In such cases, the symptoms needs to be carefully noted. Issues like the above may show up random freezing and other obstructions. While trying to open any external link or email attachments, the system will begin to cause numerous issues.

Windows Live Mail may often stop to respond when mails are being sent using Internet Explorer 8. The problem may mostly be seen in Safe Mode owing to the corruptions on DLL files and wlmail.exe. The files may get corrupted by malware and they will remain that way even after the malicious file is removed. There have been cases when Internet Explorer 8 would crash down unexpectedly when on trying to load on a Windows XP Service Pack 3 systems. Most websites could not be opened because they are stopped by an iexplore.exe error on the system. A message on the computer screen was frequently show up denoting a system file fault and that the particular application required to be closed.

The Office Outlook 2003 would also stop to work on a Windows 10 system. This would happen mainly due to a faulting application error. This issue is largely said to affect the outlook.exe file on the device. As a result, the email account may freeze down when it loads a very long email message. On the other hand, the browser would even stop to respond too. Problems like these may take place when DLL modules are found to be corrupted on the system.

When on installing an antivirus program like McAfee on a Windows XP based computer, the system may generate an odd error when a boot is performed on the PC. It denotes that the application or mshtml dll file is an invalid Windows Image. When the fault is left uncorrected, it basically prevents Internet Explorer 8 browser from downloading files. Due to this reason, the program tends to cause more grave issues later on. It is quite clear that error messages on an download mshtml.dll file can occur anytime. There have been cases where while loading Internet Explorer 8 on a Windows 7 computer, an Event ID 1000 displayed in the Error log. Fixing the problem right at that moment is necessary, because when too many errors occur on the same file, it may damage the system to a great extent.

Internet Explorer 11 Errors

An mshtml dll file for Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 may keep on crashing but only when on visiting one particular web page. This information is mentioned in clear details in the error messages that appear on the screen. Well, this could be a reason if any file pertaining to the web browser is affected drastically. The issue may not be with the add-ons as the website may not load the browser's compatibility mode. The issue does not end here. In some situations, Internet Explorer 11 when installed on a Windows 7 Starter Edition system would show on an error and crash unexpectedly. The message on the computing device would state that Internet Explorer has stopped to work. The error details in the Event Viewer log would denote that there are too many files that are said to be corrupted and for this reason, the system would face the above issues.

Next, the issue is very well witnessed while streaming any content or opening a website via Internet Explorer 11 on the Windows 8.1 system. The issue may have cropped up on the computer just after installing the latest Updates on the system. As the browser loads, the computer will display an error message when any media is played directly on it or if the particular media content is closed down. At this point, the messages on the screen would state that the browser has stopped to work and that the website has failed to load successfully.

The tool that fixes Windows DLL errors:

A mshtml.dll fixer is the right way to approach all of these Windows issues. This tool can effectively manage any kind of mshtml dll crash on IE11, IE10 and IE 8 browsers. It is a better and safer way to replace the mshtml.dll download file not found on its location on Windows.