msvcr80.dll download

What is msvcr80.dll?

  • Description: Brother MFC WIA minidriver(for 64Bit)
  • Version:
  • Size (Bytes): 38400
  • Release Time: 7/13/2009 6:20:00 PM
  • Location / File Path: C:\Windows\System32\ winsxs\amd64_wiabr006.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_08ee5d89caf5d98d\
  • Similar Files: msvcrt20.dll, werconcpl.dll, d3d11.dll, igdkmd64.sys, netio.sys, ntkrnlpa.exe, mswsock.dll and mswstr10.dll

Instructions on msvcr80.dll HOW TO:

DLL or Dynamic Link Library files are most crucial files found on the computer. Just because they are shared between multiple programs at the same time, they are known as shared library files. DLL files generally help programs to run extensively and sometime when they go wrong they may cause a DLL file error like msvcr80 dll file crash issue on launching FSX, Sims 3 games on the system. Look at the issues below to know more about DLL file errors.

Issues on Windows 7 Operating Systems

In a Windows 7 OS based computer, after downloading the compatibility pack of the application, an error message appears on opening the Microsoft Office Excel. On trying to open any file with .xlsx extension, the msvcr80 dll file seems to be missing from the system, and thus, an error pertaining to the same pops up. Next, when on installing Microsoft Office Excel 2007 in a computer running on Windows 7 32 bits, an error message erupts on the screen that states that system file msvcr80 dll to go missing from the system. The error message even denotes that the setup could not continue due to the particular missing file.

In another case, when on trying to open iTunes in a computer, the system file named 'msvcr80 dll' is said to be missing and an error message relating to it shows up. Even after reinstalling the application in the particular Windows 7 Operating System, the same DLL file still appears to be missing. For some reason, the error message simply could not be fixed at all. Similarly, in a Windows 7 32 bits, an error occurs while trying to open the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007. On trying to do so, an error message immediately denotes that the msvcr80 dll file is missing. Reinstalling the application reportedly fails to sort the matter.

An Epson ET-2550 printer is unable to perform any print action when connected to a computer running on Windows 7 OS. While trying to print any document using the device, the system denotes an error. A message states a crucial file named msvcr80 dll seems to be missing. The same fault tends to interrupt the system while accessing applications like Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft Office Word 2010, Microsoft Office Outlook 2010, PictureViewer, Adobe Photoshop, Sims 3 games, or web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on the system. The system repeatedly shows msvcr80 dll file not found error and ends up with an unexpected crash.

Since the time iTunes updates were installed on a Windows computer running on Windows 7 OS, the application would failed to open successfully. The computer system would first of all show an unnecessary error message that the application fails to open, and secondly it would consider the download msvcr80.dll file to be at grave fault. Soon after this, the system would again state that the application was not correctly installed on the computer. At this point, it would denote an error code 126 on the screen. Not only this, a faulting module msvcr80 dll file can lead to a lot issues on the system. At times, when on trying to copy and paste texts in Office Word 2007, an application error would show up. The error was associated with a msvcr80 dll faulting module that was resulting in a winword.exe error.

There are few other symptoms too that can show up on the system. A computer would often show runtime library errors when on connecting a printing device to it. The Windows 7 Operating System would denote that an incorrect application file had tried to load the C runtime library incorrectly, and that the msvcr80 dll file was not found on the system, thus leading to the above error. Apart from this boot issues are common too. While performing a boot, a laptop running on Windows would end up with an error message stating MFC80.dll file is missing on the system and it will fail to boot successfully.

Issues on Windows 8 Operating Systems

The default web browser, Internet Explorer on Windows 8, 32 bits system may at times end up with a lot of faults. The program may simply not open at all in the computer. On trying to open the browser, a message may immediately come up stating that the msvcr80 dll file is missing on it. This Windows machine may come up with the above issues soon after installing the updates on it. Next, when on trying to install Microsoft Office 2010 suite in a computer running on Windows 8, an error may come up on the screen. The message on it may denote that a required msvcr80 dll file went missing and that the valid installation source also disappeared from the system.

In another case, while attempting to open applications like Yahoo Messenger or Microsoft LifeCam in a computer that is running on Windows 8 Pro, 32 bits Operating System, a message would all of a sudden flash on the display screen. It would denote that the MSVCR80 file had gone missing from the device. The message would even suggest to reinstall the particular DLL file, but when on doing so, the system may still fail to overcome the error. This may be seen even in the case of trying to install Microsoft Office 2007 in the same PC. An error message may continuously denote that msvcr80 dll file is missing and due to which the program cannot be setup on the computing system.

Issues on Windows 8.1 Operating Systems

After installing few essential Updates on a computer installed with Windows 8.1 Operating System, an error would repeatedly show up while trying to access any application on it. Each time while opening Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer, a message pertaining to msvcr80 dll file may pop up. The system would state that the file is not found on the computer. Due to this reason, the user will fail to run the application in the computer via the admin account. Next, a similar issue may appear after installing Windows Updates on the Windows system. A series of errors may show up while opening any of the support pages on the system. The message states the msvcr80 dll and hpsf.exe system file issues.

Issues on Windows 10 Operating Systems

In a Windows 10 Operating System installed computer, Microsoft Office Excel 2007 may not open at all. The computer may show the msvcr80.dll download file error message on it. The faulty message may repeatedly denote that the above file is not present in boot drive. A similar file not found issue may show up after upgrading to Windows 10 Operating System. The computer may face an error. The message on it may state that MSVCP100.dll file has gone missing and that this missing file has been the root cause resulting in APSDaemon.exe system issues.

While opening an application in a Windows 10 system, an error message may constantly state a program failed error message. Well, this is not any unusual issue, and it is true that if the msvcr80 dll file goes missing from the computer, then it is certainly going to cause a lot of obstructions to run programs on the device. Situations like these may continue to take place even after maintaining the system up-to-date. Often, while trying to load a backup software in the computer, an error message may come up. The message will state that it cannot start-up because a required file named as, msvcr80 dll file is missing on the device.

How to Overcome MSVCR80 DLL File Faults:

All the above file faults that have been mentioned in this article are known to cause innumerable problems on the computing devices running on Windows OS. Downloading the 'msvcr80.dll fixer' to fix location path missing issues or any other application faults on the system can be an effective solution. This tool is an excellent in removing all issues from the registry, and it will also de-clutter the memory without fail. Well, the manual fixing methods may not serve to be a good solution to eliminate 'msvcr80 dll is missing error' or Epson printer installation failure on the computer. Therefore, using the suggested software will always offer best results anytime.