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There are a number of system files allotted in the computer for creating a link between external devices and the machine. When these files go corrupted, then it lead to a line of issues pertaining to common functionalities on the PC. With one of the commonest file called 'nvlddmkm sys,' errors are often found on Windows 8.1 or other Operating Systems. The error includes unexpected BSODs taking place on Windows 7 applications. Sometimes, the system may even become unresponsive with a system_thread_exception_not_handled fault and nvlddmkm sys file causing crashes on it for some or the other reason.

Here are few symptoms that can take place on the computer system, if there are corrupt nvlddmkm sys files residing on it.

Game Application Faults:

After installing an Update for Nvidia GeForce GT 640M LE driver, one will see that the games are unable to run on the system. At this point, one may try to restart the game application, but it may still fail to run, and in the end show an error code on the screen. Sometimes, it may also end up with a blue screen fault. This may not remain limited to game apps, but when on trying to access any web page, the same error would show up. After performing a thorough research, a file named 'nvlddmkm sys' may display on the screen stating the exact cause for erupting the issue.

System running with Windows 8.1 may show a number of issues at the time of staring up the programs. This issue may mainly appear while playing games of high definition. When on running the System File Checker scan tool, it will detect the nvlddmkm sys file to be causing this issue on the computer. The same issue may occur when the system is upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Operating System. The issue may arise after the installation of the same program. Severe crashes with Blue Screen of Death event may also flash on the system screen. On the other hand, the same issue will be witnessed while playing any game on the computer system. The device may crash with a SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION error. The error details may point the nvlddmkm sys file to be responsible for causing the fault. Plus, this may be related to the NVidia driver.

A Video TDR Failure message with file nvlddmkm sys may pop up on the system screen of the Windows 10 system anytime. This issue may happen when the games are tried to be launched or any video is tried to be streamed on the PC. All such driver connected issues need to be fixed in order to avoid such problems on the system. Next, at the time of playing any game on Steam, the system may all of a sudden crash down along with BSOD fault. NVIDIA GeForce GT 745m when used for the games may show error messages each time. For this reason, the games will repeatedly show a line of faulty messages and prevent the user from executing it correctly on the system.

When attempting to run 3D graphics games and other video games like Guild Wars 2, the file nvlddmkm sys file may appear to be a faulty one. It may often indicate not responding error messages on the screen and freeze the system for a while. The video cards may not work in the system due to the faults in the driver files. The system may clearly show ATI and NVIDIA driver faults, in spite of keeping the system up-to-date and adjusting correct setting on it. In another situation, one may notice that there may be no such blue screen faults before upgrading the drivers to a better version. But, after upgrading the drivers on the computer, the game called 'League of Legends' may become unresponsive.

Boot Errors on the System:

A dual boot may have been enabled on the system, but one may still witness some faults with the video card drivers and due to this reason, it may affect the boot process. The drivers may have been uninstalled and reinstalled onto the system but will show no positive results and the errors will continue to affect the system. Next, one may have upgraded the motherboard, CPU, memory and GPU on the computer. After the installations of all the required Updates, the system may either result in crashes or end up with severe blue screen issues. This issue may happen mainly when on playing HD quality games. A hard boot will also not be able to fix the issue on the system.

The stop error code with BSOD may interrupt the screen while performing a reboot. The reboot process may not be possible as the particular driver file connected to this may undergo an error. Due to this reason, it will pop up an error message on the computer screen. Next, while trying to restart a PC system running with Windows 7 64 bits, an annoying issue may occur on the system. The problem may begin to take place while booting up. The boot up process may fail to be carried out successfully, as the system may unfortunately crash and show error codes and messages on the screen. Installation of a new hardware device like the mouse or keyword may have triggered this issue.

A Dell Alienware 13 laptop running with Windows 8.1 may show a lot of errors. After the installation of some of the software on the computer, the problem may have started taking place with boot up. The startup may crash with a Blue Screen of Death fault. One may try to go ahead and turn the power off to start the system again, but one more time the same issue will occur on the device. Another problem will again take place on the PC that is running on Windows 7 32 bits Operating System. One may find it quite difficult to perform a boot. After installing an upgrade on the computer, it may be seen that the system may fail to boot in normal mode. There could have been an issue with the NVidia GeForce GO 7400 graphics card.

BSODs While Accessing Programs:

While surfing some website, the browser may crash. There may be no updates left to be installed that are connected to the drivers or similar activities in the computer, but still there are crashes that ends up with a Blue Screen of Death. The issue may pop up since the time the upgrade is carried out on the Operating System. The problem may then start to pop up anytime. On the other hand, a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits system may also show similar errors. The web browsers on the system may not open at all. Whenever the web browser Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are tried to be opened, the system may experience a crash. The crash may come up with nvlddmkm sys file. Along with the above, a STOP error code may also show up.

The applications like Microsoft Office software suite, Adobe Photoshop, Windows Media Player, AutoCad Civil 3D 2015, etc. may fail to run on the machine at all. Whenever one attempts to access the above programs or any other app present on the system, the PC simply stops to run and ends with a faulty error code. Next, Windows 7 32 bits Home Premium device may also result in the above issue along with a BSOD error. Well, a similar issue may occur on a computer running with a Windows 10 OS. A recent upgrade on the Operating System may also have triggered this issue. In the next instance, as soon as the programs are opened, a message on the screen will request to install some software or unfortunately show a message in regard to video TDR failure.

One may witness three to four BSODs on the system in a day. The laptop may have a smooth running Operating System, plus all the latest drivers must have been installed on it. Often, frequent BSODs may come up on the system screen for some or the other reason. This could basically happen due to a driver issue. Codes with file name, nvlddmkm sys seems to be a prime reason for causing the error. Next, a system running with Windows 10 OS may seem to lag like anything. There may be no program issues, but the problem may continue to take place. The dxgkrnl.sys and ndis.sys files may seem to be responsible for causing the error.

How to Put an End to Such Issues?

The problems mentioned above are enough to understand that all those corrupt files need to be removed from the system to eliminate each and every error from the device. The solution to this is to use a proper fixing tool. Error messages indicating System_Service_Exception, Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area, Video_TDR_Error, other issues with file nvlddmkm sys leading to NVIDIA corporation graphics card faults, etc. can be sorted using the download nvlddmkm.sys fixer.