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What is recover.exe?

  • Description: Canon Inkjet Printer Driver
  • Version: 0.3.1536.1
  • Size (Bytes): 100864
  • Release Time: 7/13/2009 6:20:31 PM
  • Location / File Path: C:\Windows\System32\ winsxs\amd64_prnca00i.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_e0fe66aa8d439e15\Amd64\
  • Similar Files: recdisc.exe, recovery.dll, RDPREFMP.sys and rdpshell.exe

Instructions on recover.exe HOW TO:

Means of fixing corrupted recover exe

Recover exe is a Microsoft origin file is primarily in use when the user is trying to recover any document. To recover any file or excel document in Windows 7 deleted perchance recover exe command is used. Also to recover any password use recover exe file has to be functional. Many issues are discussed in this article, which arises due to any fault in the concerned file.

Windows 8.1 startup issue

On a Windows 8.1 Lenovo laptop, as and when the computer restarts, the desktop comes up as a blank screen. Within the event log, the faulting module is identified to be recover exe. On opening the task manager using control alt and delete keys simultaneously, multiple processes seem to be running.

To resolve this problem you need to change the BIOS setup of your machine. Once your PC reboots hold the F12 or Del key and wait until the BIOS setup screen shows up. In usual scenario you reset the BIOS tab to default located in the last tape. Go to the last tape and then select the tab for locating restore to default values or load default optimized something like that change save and exit option.

Adobe Reader files and programs cannot be started

Double clicking on any Adobe application to run that particular program, strings of error message is generated. This message states that the program cannot start because the recover exe and vcljpg70.bpl is not starting or it is missing from the computer. The message also further prompts the user to install the latest version of this program to eradicate this issue.

To solve this issue you may opt for performing a system restore function in your Windows machine. This command shall restore your files and PC settings status to an earlier date and time when Windows was working properly without much problem. Open RUN and then type rstrui.exe system restore shall start automatically. Click on next to choose the restoration point and then select the date and time where Windows was working properly. You may also check what programs and applications would be affected. As they might be deleted since they were not present to that point when the system is now restored.

Windows Insider Preview issue

On installing Windows Insider Preview as dual boot on an old Windows XP machine, the same is causing issues after upgrading to Windows 10. After upgrading the operating system to Windows 10, it is seen that on trying to remove the portioned folders in the hard disk the same is giving issues. Within the event log, the corrupted module is detected as recover exe.

You are suggested to boot the newly installed Windows 10 machine and also format the partition in which Windows XP is installed. You may perform this assuming that Windows XP is on the first partition or drive. Since Windows 10 boot loader was on Windows XP partition or drive, you shall be needing to restore this to Windows 10 partition. Restart your machine with the Windows 10 DVD or CD drive and then follow the onscreen instructions to bring about the desired changes in your machine.

Recovery manager has stopped working

On attempting to refresh the Windows 7 machine, it is seen that the recovery manager is not working. Within the application log that is generated the problem event name is APPCRASH and the faulting module is recover exe of version and the exception code is c00000005.

To resolve this problem you may try to modify your BIOS or complementary metal oxide semi-conductor (COMOS) settings incorrectly can cause serious problems in your machine. Therefore it is advisable that you modify the BIOS only if know the settings well else do not. You also try reinstallation of Windows 10 using the ISO. After the activation is complete try to activate the copy of the copy of the operating system by following these steps. Press the windows key and R together. Type in slui 4 and ten press enter. Select the region from the list and then click next.

Because of corrupted .mui file upgrade is failing

On using Visalizator on a Windows 7 64 bits HP laptop, upgrading the same to a higher build does not work. Various attempts were made to download and burn the Windows 7 ISO discs but without any result. The machine was previously installed with Windows 7 64 bits French. Also changing the language preference to English as well is creating a lot of issues.

To resolve the problem at first you try scan your hard disk for any errors. To do this open the elevated command prompt by pressing the Windows key and R alphabet together. Within the search box you type in DISM online cleanup restore health command and run it. This shall check if your hard disk is free from any corruption or not.

All the issues discussed above are mainframe ones arising out of faulty download of recover exe. If you are experiencing similar trouble in your machine then you may also perform the manual means of troubleshooting mentioned in this article. These means and methods and simple and easy to perform and they require no technical expertise as well.