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What is rundll32.exe?

  • Description: Canon Inkjet Printer Driver
  • Version: 0.3.1536.1
  • Size (Bytes): 28160
  • Release Time: 7/13/2009 6:20:25 PM
  • Location / File Path: C:\Windows\System32\ winsxs\amd64_prnca00b.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_dd3ee736dd6ff736\Amd64\
  • Similar Files: nvlddmkm.sys, raspppoe.sys, msvcrt.dll, spoolsv.exe, tcpip.sys, SoundRecorder.exe and sbdrop.dll, SessEnv.dll

Instructions on rundll32.exe HOW TO:

People working with various versions of Windows find themselves in all kinds of troubles that are triggered off by rundll32 exe file, when it gets corrupt or goes missing from the systems. These issues are extremely complicated and they can be only sorted with the help of specialized tools.

That is the reason, when it comes to solving the rundll32 exe issue related to btmshellex, logilga, launcher, inetcpl.cpl clearmytracksbyprocess 8, or lockworkstation, some of the common tools of average caliber fail to bring any impressive performance.

The issues that are caused by corrupted rundll32 exe file are mentioned below:

Microsoft Security Essentials installation errors:

After the installation of the latest Windows Updates and Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Vista on Dell Inspiron 531 may not seem to run smooth. Every time when an effort is made to run Windows, it may crash out and return a BSOD issue. It may show a message too, denoting a Host Process Rundll32 is either missing or has stopped to function correctly on the system. The same issue may seem to take place on a Windows XP OS based system. Every time when on trying to run a game like World of Warcraft after the installation of Microsoft Security Essentials program, the game may crash. It may return a BSOD error along with an error message, which will show a critical .EXE file to have gone missing on the device.

Windows Vista may fail to run while accessing various applications after the installation of Microsoft Security Essentials. Whenever the applications are run, the system may crash. Soon after which it may cite a runtime error because of a missing or corrupted exe or EXE file. This issue may occur even if there was no error while installing the applications. Next, after the installation of Microsoft Security Essentials, Google Chrome may not be able to launch successfully on the system running with Windows 7. Every time it is launched, it may return an error message denoting Windows has returned a faulty host process. It may also show a critical executable file to be missing from the system.

Task Manager Issues:

Windows XP, after the installation of Windows Updates may crash unexpectedly. It may also show up a black screen, with only the mouse pointer moving on the screen. The Task Manager may return error messages, which may report missing .exe files on the system. Whenever the Task Manager is opened, Windows may crash and display a BSOD. In some cases, the Task Manager may not be able to open on Windows 7. The situation may become worse after installing a line of Windows updates. So, every time the Task Manager is opened, Windows may freeze down for few minutes and at times even longer. Along with this, the computer will also show an error message denoting that the Task Manager could not be opened due to missing EXE files.

After upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 OS, the Task Manager may fail to open successfully. Every time it is tried to be opened, Windows may freeze with a series of error messages on the screen. It may report few missing or corrupted EXE files present on the system. Sometime, this may lead to unwanted crashes out on it. As a result, a BSOD may show up. Next, after installing Windows Updates on Dell Insperion, the Task Manager failed to run successfully. Every time efforts were made to install Windows Updates, the system would show up an error. It would refer the issues to be caused by some critical components which were either missing or corrupted on the device.

Windows 10 systems may sometime fail to update after installing certain games from Microsoft Games Store. Also, the Task Manager may fail to get any access at all. Every time the Task Manager is accessed, Windows would freeze down and return an error. It would often denote a message stating Windows missing critical components. This basically tends to happen after Windows is upgraded to a higher version from a lower one. A similar error was seen after upgrading the device to Windows 7 Ultimate. The Task Manager could not be run at all. Every time the Task Manager was opened, Windows would freeze down and crash, thus returning an error message. It denoted a critical component had been missing from the system.

Often, a Windows Vista system when on attempting to start may crash all of a sudden. A Black Screen of Death with only the mouse pointer or cursor showing up will only be accessible on the screen. The system will remain inaccessible when in Safe Mode too. In another situation, after the installation of antivirus tools on a Windows XP system, it may show up a line of errors. It may so happen that whenever the computer will come to run any '.exe' file or Rundll32 file, it may show up unnecessary faults. The Control Panel or the Task Manager may fail to get accessed and the system will freeze frequently.

Installation of Updates Results into Errors:

Windows Vista with Service Pack 3 can cause a lot of trouble on the system. At this point, Windows may refuse to run soon after the installation of Windows Updates. As soon as Internet Explorer is launched on the system, it may immediately freeze down and denote an error message. The message may say that Windows could not run Updates as there were some critical EXE files missing on the system. Apart from this, there were several applications that could not be run on the device. Every time the applications were run, Windows would show up the above faults.

Next, whenever the Control Panel on Windows XP is tried to be opened, Windows would freeze immediately and then result in a crash. The message denoted that Windows could not be run successfully because there were few essentials components that had gone missing or corrupted on the system. Issues like these may happen mostly after running Windows Updates. This may again be followed with a BSOD fault. Not only this, the drawbacks can result in high CPU usage due to some Host Process faults. In most cases, the issue can arise soon after opting for an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 OS.

Programs or applications may sometime not get removed from Windows XP after the installation of Windows Updates. Whenever the Control Panel is accessed to perform the removal action, the system would freeze and a series of error messages regarding 'Bad Image' error and some missing 'exe' files would pop on the screen. On different occasions, Windows may instantly return a severe BSOD fault upon opening the Control Panel. The same issue can be witnessed after the installation of some virus removal tools like CCleaner or Kaspersky. In such cases, Windows 7 will certainly fail to run, even after running the latest Windows Updates on it. On each attempt, the system will just freeze and stop to respond at all.

External Drivers may at times fail to get installed on the Windows 7 64 bits Home Premium device. Whenever efforts are made to install them, Windows would crash, thus return a BSOD with an 'Installation failed' error message on its screen. This problem would take place on various occasions, like just after the latest Windows Updates are installed on the device, or when Windows is upgraded from a lower edition to Operating System version 7. Due to this reason, the system would also begin to run slower than usual and fail to perform any action on it effectively.

Best Way To Get Rid Of All These Issues:

Errors like faulty rundll32 exe disk usage or problems concerning the rundll32 exe user32.dll updateperusersystemparameters, syswow64, or processidletasks are extremely complicated to solve. To get rid of the above issues that are caused due to faulty rundll32 exe files, users need to choose the best step. Hence, only a specialized download rundll32.exe fixer will resolve the faults just in time.