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Werconcpl dll is a system file developed by Microsoft and it is an essential part of Microsoft's error reporting services. Like all other DLL files corrupt or missing Werconcpl dll causes various DLL errors in the machine. Werconcpl.dll error need to be fixed soon for proper functioning of the machine. The missing Werconcpl dll error can be fixed by running the Werconcpl.dll download on the system. Here are the some common errors that Werconcpl dll lays down on Windows systems.

Start Up Issues:

Start issues can create a mess on the PC system. This issue may hamper the system after you upgrade it from Windows XP to Windows 7. The fault may show up during starting up. The PC may load correctly for about a few minutes and then all of a sudden freeze down and crash. The scenario may appear to be this bad, that all the recently installed Microsoft Office programs may fail to open at all. When on trying to carry out a System Restore, some crucial DLL files including Werconcpl dll. Werconcpl dll causes startup problems in Windows 7 32 bits Operating System. CPU usage seems to be high all the time and doing a system scan using command prompt may not leave any good effect on the situation.

The same issue may take place on another version of Windows 7 too. Windows 7 Home Premium device may every time experience a start-up error. When on trying to start the system, explorer.exe file may end up with an unnecessary 0xc0000022 error code on the screen. Windows Resource Protection repair service may fail to fix the issue. Not only this, the System Restore function may also deny to revert the computing system's current state.

Often, when Werconcpl dll file goes missing from C Drive, the PC begins to face innumerable issues. After inputting the login credentials, it still consumes a lot of time to start up. During this time, the screen goes blank and smooth access into the PC is denied. Running malware and Spybot in Safe Mode may also show no ray of hope!

'Specified Module Couldn't Be Found' Error May Appear Randomly:

While starting Windows XP PC an error message may pop up stating that there is an issue while trying to run Werconcpl dll file. Soon after which another faulty message may denote that a specified module is not found in the PC. Just like the above, a Windows 8 32 bits PC system too may encounter unexpected Werconcpl dll errors during Windows startup, or while running any application on it. The error message may continuously point out that the specified module could not be found in System 32 folder.

Boot errors occur

After performing a reboot on the computer, and scheduling Check Disc scan for another time, the PC may restart again. At this time, a werconpl.dll file error may come up. This error happens to appear recurrently. As a result, it may hamper certain other crucial system files in the PC.

In some cases, 'run dll' error may take place especially during disc repair, when the PC shuts down improperly. Running Malwarebytes and cleaning the registry too may not serve to be of any help at all. Problems like these may persists even after performing a clean boot. To some extent, one can use the system in Safe Mode, but that would again lay a disadvantage of not being able to utilize the computing system in a dynamic manner.

Unnecessary crashes

It is commonly seen that while booting Windows 7 PC after waking it up from sleep mode, an unexpected application error 0xc0000022 may occur on it. This issue is soon followed by a black screen and the system becomes unusable until it is restarted again. Performing a thorough scan using the System File Checker even cures nothing. The same issue may reoccur if the PC is left idle for some time. In other circumstances, a Windows 10 system may denote an explorer.exe file to be causing application faults during startups and making the system unresponsive in nature. This issue may appear mostly if shell32.exe file is attacked due to any virus or malware threats. Windows File Explorer may crash without any prior knowledge. The faulting module may display as, StackHash_a417. Well, such errors usually appear due to DEP security feature conflicts and similar issues.

Unexpected Windows File Explorer crashes in Windows 10 while copying files from local storage to One Drive. The issue may occur even after reinstalling Windows. An 'APPCRASH' message may denote Windows Explorer has stopped working error message along with 'explorer.exe' to be creating the fault, and refer msvcrt.dll as the faulting module.

Runtime errors are common and they can lead to severe crashes on the system. This issue may occur while accessing Microsoft Windows Media Player version 12 application to play .mp3 or .wmv format files. It may so happen that the PC may shutdown without any prior notice. Such faults usually take place if there are software complications present on the system.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits PC may show up too many faults after updating several system files. This may apparently lead to application crashes and 'rundll32.exe' may be the culprit behind it. Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) may not seem to encode or decode correctly the mailing services on the system. Thus, leading to unnecessary faults due to rundll32.exe files.

Eliminate corrupt Werconcpl dll file:

Werconcpl dll error gives rise to various faults in the PC. Unexpected Windows Explorer crashes, start-up faults, numerous applications failure and other such issues may prevent the system from working smooth. However, these errors are easily fixable, if Werconcpl dll is not found or if there are problems while starting Windows 7 due to Werconcpl dll, then all such faults can easily be easily fixed by installing the 'Werconcpl.dll fixer' on the PC. This software will efficiently work on all Windows operating devices, undoubtedly.